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S. No. Name Designation Company name
1. Mr. Ritesh Chaudhry Sr. General Manager (Legal) & Company Secretary Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited
2. Mr. Alok Kumar Former Vice President Airtel
3. Mr. Deepesh Sharma Vice President IT Wind River, Sanfransisco (US)
4. Mr. Rakesh Patrick General Manager – Operations & Marketing Total Library Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
5. Mr. K.C. Bahuguna Associate Vice President – IT Videocon
6. Mr. Manish Nigam Project Head – IT Bank of America
7. Ms. Taru Nag Sr. Executive HR Big Bazar-Future Retail
8. Mr. Saransh Srivastava Lead Engineer Samsung,Bengaluru
9. Mr. Rahul Singh Partner KPMG
10. Mr. Abhishek Bisaria Sr. Manager Sales Coca Cola
11. Mr. Rahul Khare Vice President Barclays Bank
12. Mr. Sunny Bhandari Vice President Iffes Tokyo General Insurance
13. Mr. Sumit Gupta Sales Head METRO,Cash & Carry India
14. Mr. Sumit Srivastava IT Head Clifford Chance,U.K.
15. Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma Expert Personality Development & Soft Skills
16. Mr. Sachin Singhal Vice President Kotak Mahindra Bank
17. Mr. Jatin Agarwal Managing Director Aluminium Udyog
18. BK Suraj Bhai Renowned Speaker Peace TV
19. Prof. E. V. Swaninathan Motivational Speaker Brahma Kumaris
20. Mr. Rahul Rajan Area Manager Abbott Vascular Pvt. Ltd.
21. Mr. Abhishek Srivastava Regional Manager Medtronics USA
22. Mr. Manoj Sevta Zonal Manager Carl Zeiss,Germany


S. No. Name Designation Company name
1. Dr. Shweta Srivastava Associate Professor BBD University, Lucknow
2. Dr. Anurag Srivastava Director Bora Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow
3. Mr. Manish Jain Assistant Professor BBD University, Lucknow
4. Mr. Ashutosh Srivastava Assistant Professor IISE, Lucknow
5. Mr. Asad Khan Assistant Professor PSIT, kanpur
6. Dr. P.D. Saxena Assistant Professor Visiting Professor
7. Mr. Nilanjan Mukherji GM Marketing Popularity Real Estate, Lucknow
8. Dr. Sanjay Medhavi Head,Department of Business Administration University of Lucknow
9. Mr. V. K. Tiwari Retd IT Commissioner New Delhi
10. Ms. Saumya Mittal Talent Acquisitions,Noida PepsiCo
11. Prof. Subrata Chakraborty Former Dean & Director Incharge IIM-Lucknow
12. Ms. Shareen Fatima Sr. HR ABB Ltd.
13. Mr. Om Awasthi Feature Head Aircel
14. Mr. Prashant Gaurav Regulatory & Nodal Head (UP & UK) State Bank of India
15. Mr. D. K. Sharma Retd. DGM Patrika.com
16. Mr. K. B. Singh State Bureau U.P. Hindustan
17. Mr. Ashish Tripathi Senior Reporter Kaivalya Communication
18. Mr. Vishal Mishra Managing Director 3M India
19. Mr. Mohit Kapoor Country Manager Brahma Kumaris
20. Dr. Prem Masand Renowned Motivational Speaker Brahma Kumaris
21. Mr. Sandeep Bajpai Asst. Review Officer U.P. Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd.
22. Mr. Pradeep Sharma Finance Officer Engineers India Ltd.


S. No. Name Designation Company name
1. Mr. Ashish Kumar Business Analyst Appin Technology Lab
2. Dr. Rupali Chandra Renowned Media Personality  
3. Mr. Ashok Drona Chief Operations Officer  
4. Mr. Ali Basil Finance Expert  
5. Mr. Ravi S Shanker Country Manager  
6. Ms. Shobhana Jagdish Renowned Media Personality  
7. Mr. Ashutosh Shukla Renowned Author  
8. Ms. Aishwarya Bhatnagar Social Media Expert & Established Entrepreneur  
9. Mr. Navin Tekwani Digital Marketing Trainer  
10. Mr. Desh Deepak Singh Media Expert  
11. Prof. V. V. Singh Motivational Trainer  
12. Mr. Paramtap shukla Recruitment Manager Emminence Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
13. Ms. Upasana Nag Sr. Officer Corporate HR Sahara India
14. Mr. Rahul Grover Application Development Team Lead Accenture
15. Mr. Yashvardhan Bisaria Architect Sikka Associates Architects
16. Mr. Vikas Mehra CA Mahindra
17. Mr. Anuj Tandon Software Engineer Tata Consultancy Services
18. Ms. Aakriti Gaur Assistant Manager Indigo Airlines
19. Ms. Isha Tandon Sr. HR Manager IBM
20. Mr. Vishal Mehra Territory Manager DLF
21. Mr. K. K. Srivastava Senior Purchase Officer SGPGI
22. Mr. Satyam Kumar Associate Vice President Kotak Bank


S.No. Academic Achievements Faculty
1. Applications of SPSS in Reasearch Pursuits Ms. Roli Misra
2. Best Practice at S.N.P.G. Autonomous College Bhopal Ms. Roli Misra
3. Book on Aadhunik Karyalay Prabandh (Modern Office Organsiation) Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
4. Changing Business Environment: Role of Management & IT Professionals Dr. Reshu Agarwal
5. Cloud Computing: An Evolution to Libraries Ms. Roli Misra
6. Confidence Building by National Institute of Personnel Management U.P. chapter held on 3rd sep 2011 in Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
7. Creative Librarian 2.0 Connect Collaborate and Share Knowledge using Social Media Platform Ms. Roli Misra
8. Digitization of Library Materials in Academic Libraries: Issues and Challenges Ms. Roli Misra
9. Edited Book on Infrastructure Development in India Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
10. Electronic Media Workshop Mr. Vinay Kumar
11. Globalization and Media Mr. Vinay Kumar
12. Grameen Vikas me Samudayik Media ki Bhumika Mr. Vinay Kumar
13. Green Communication and Sustainable Development: Prospects and Challenges Mr. Vinay Kumar
14. Green IT- Green Computing: An Effect to Deminish Global Warming Ms. Roli Misra
15. Green Stone Digital Library (GSDL) Ms. Roli Misra
16. Human Resource Accounting – Study of its Practice in Infosys Technologies Limited for International Conference (Management and Technology: Vision 2020) Dr. Reshu Agarwal
17. Impact of Global Recession on Fiscal Consolidation in India” in ‘Manthan Dr. Pragya Prashant Gupta
18. Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Academic Libraries Ms. Roli Misra
19. Impediments to Library Legislation and Library Networking Ms. Roli Misra
20. Information Seeking Behaviour of Faculty Members: A Case Study of Barkatullah University Bhopal and its Affiliated Colleges Ms. Roli Misra
21. Information Technology for Information Management Ms. Roli Misra
22. Insinuation of Web 2.0 technology for Library and Librarians Ms. Roli Misra
23. Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
24. Issue and Challenges for Development of Public Library in India Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
25. Learner Centered Pedagogical Approach: A Need of Dynamic Education System Dr. Reshu Agarwal
26. Library Automation and Resource Sharing Ms. Roli Misra
27. Mastering Leadership Challenges of 21st century” held on 5th February 2012 at CMS Auditorium, Gomti Nagar ,Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
28. National workshop on “Research Methodology” 18-19th sep 2015 at Lucknow Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
29. Outreach Programme on State Finances, Reserve Bank of India Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
30. Paradigm Shift in the Sphere of Management Education Mr. Vinay Kumar
31. Quintessence of Knowledge Management for Libraries and Librarians in Modern Era Ms. Roli Misra
32. Recessionary Challenges Before Indian Economy Dr. Reshu Agarwal
33. Reflection on Higher Education in India Ms.Abhilasha Shukla
34. RFID: Total Security System for Management of Smart Library Ms. Roli Misra
35. Role of Distance Education for Developing Indian Media Mr. Vinay Kumar
36. Role of Media in Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Mr. Vinay Kumar
37. Significance of Education in Social Change and Effective Growth of Indian Economy. Ms. Abhilasha Shukla
38. Study of Internet Use and Health related implications of Internet Users Ms. Abhilasha Shukla
39. Trends and Issues for Academic Libraries in Digital Era Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
40. U.P. Government’s Achievement-from youth and women point of view Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
41. Value Education-Language, Rationale & Issues Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
42. Vartmaan aur Ambedkarvaad Mr. Vinay Kumar
41. Enhanced yield and nutritional enrichment of seeds of Pisum sativum through foliar application of zinc Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
42. Foliar application of Zn at flowering stage improves plant’s performance yield and yield attributes of black gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
43. Improving reproductive efficiency of chickpea by foliar application of zinc. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
44. Antioxidant responses of pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes to zinc deficiency. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
45. Induction of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Responses in Black gram   (Vigna mungo L.) by Zinc stress. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
46. Improving Zn density and seed yield of green gram by foliar application of Zn at early reproductive phase. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
47. Differential sensitivity of maize to Zn deficiency and high light intensity. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
48. Zinc homeostasis is critical for optimized antioxidant defenses in faba bean. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
49. Heavy metals, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Cd, produce oxidative damage and evoke differential antioxidant responses in spinach. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
50. Responses of antioxidative defense system to water stress in two black gram genotypes. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
51. Growth and metabolic effects of Boron deficiency in red kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. Kashmiri) grown in sand culture. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
52. Impairment in reproductive development is a major factor limiting seed yield of black gram under zinc deficiency. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
53. Zinc is critically required for pollen function and fertilization in lentil. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
54. Nickel toxicity induces oxidative stress and water deficit in green gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
55. Zinc regulation of antioxidant defense in green gram (Vigna radiata L.). Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
56. Enzymic changes in response to zinc nutrition. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
57. Effect of zinc on antioxidant response in maize leaves. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
58. Book on Biodiversity and its conservation. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
59. Book on Health effects of pollution. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
60. Nickel toxicity induced changes in maize (Zea mays var. K-25). Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
61. Modulation of antioxidative defense system in water stressed black gram genotypes by Zn. XXXIV Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
62. Floral analysis as a tool to define the zinc nutritional status in black gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
63. Improving reproductive efficiency, Zn density and seed yield of green gram (Vigna radiata L.) through foliar application of Zn at early reproductive phase. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
64. Improving reproductive efficiency of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) through foliar application of Zn at early reproductive phase. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
65. Nickel toxicity induces change in Fe metabolism and water status of green gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
66. Nickel toxicity mediated oxidative damage in roots of Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek syn. Var. K-851 and water status of green gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
67. Nickel toxicity induces oxidative stress and water deficit in green gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
68. Zinc is critically required for reproductive development of lentil. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
69. Oxidative damage in maize lines grown under high light intensity and low zinc supply. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
70. Response of Vigna radiata L. var. Type-9 to varying levels of zinc supply. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
71. Antioxidative capacity of maize lines differing in their sensitivity to zinc deficiency. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
72. Micronutrient deficiency induced oxidative damage and antioxidant defense response in tomato Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
73. Zinc involvement in reproductive development of black gram. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
74. Heavy metal stress-inducted oxidative damage and antioxidant responses in spinach. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
75. Dry matter production and enzymatic changes in Vigna mungo L. I.P.U.-94, subjected to varying levels of zinc supply. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
76. Zinc stress mediated changes in the antioxidant system in maize. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
77. Regional Training workshop of resource persons for National Children science Congress, U.P. organized by VICAS under the auspices of NCSTC-DST Government of India Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
78. Group Monitoring workshop on (Fast Track Schemes for Young Scientist) Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
79. 89th Session of Indian Science Congress. Dr. Girish Chandra Pathak
80. Revolutionary Impact of Internet Banking on Private Investment in Uttar Pradesh Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
81. Advantages of E-banking in India through Managerial effectiveness Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
82. E-Banking is an important element of Good Governance and Digital India Mr. Jagdish Awasthi
83. Further observations on Clinostomoides dollfsusi Agarwal, 1958. Dr.Kiran
84. Record of metacercaria of Thapariella anastomusa Srivastava, 1958 from Bellamya bengalensis (L). Dr.Kiran
85. Validity of some Indian digeneans- I. Remarks on some trematode parasites of common frogs, Rana tigrina (Daud.) & Rana cyanophlyctis (Sch.). Dr.Kiran
86. Validity of Some Indian digeneans -II. Remarks on a trematode parasites of a mammal, Paradoxurus hermaphroditicus (Sch.). Dr.Kiran
87. A record of Astiotrema reniferum (Looss, 1898) Stoss, 1904 & A. loossii Mehra, 1931 with a note on validity of Indian species. Dr.Kiran
88. Record of Neopronocephalus triangularis Mehra, 1932 with a note on validity of some species. Dr.Kiran
89. Record of Pleuropsolus insolens (Bhalerao, 1926) Mehra, 1935 from Corvus splendens (Vieillot) at Lucknow with remarks on validity of some species. Dr.Kiran
90. Record of a Bucephalid, Bucephalus gangeticus Srivastava, 1938 from Bagarius bagarius (Ham.) at Lucknow, U.P. Dr.Kiran
91. Record of a Bucephalid, Bucephalopsis gaurai Verma, 1936 from Xenentodon cancila (Ham.) at Lucknow, U.P. Dr.Kiran
92. Record of a Episthmium corvus Bhalerao, 1926 from Corvus insolens at Lucknow, U.P. Dr.Kiran
93. Biodiversity, Awareness and Consequences” in National Seminar on “Changing Environment and Biodiversity” Dr.Kiran
94. Green Economics- its Sustainability and Policies” in National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Science & Technology in 21st Century” Dr.Kiran
95. Promoting Cultural Integration through Languages. Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar
96. Effect of language of Print Media on today’s youth Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar
97. Social Sector Challenges in the State Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar