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Our Facilities

In every way, our physical and virtual campus fosters a community of collaboration, respect, stewardship, and responsibility. It is also the place where lifelong relationships are created, perhaps the most lasting legacy of the TECHNO experience.

Event and Traditions

Our college campus is rich with traditions, some even dating back for a long time. Because many of the traditions are so old, the origins of them are often unknown and have simply been passed down through generations of alumni.

That almost makes it a bit more fun, though. As time passes, rumours spread, legends begin and each tradition seems to take on a life of its own. Our Students look forward to these celebrations and events, whatever they may be, with excitement and gleeful anticipation. We arrange multiple cultural events for making students living in the groove.

Student Activities

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Transportation at Techno Group of Institutions


The need for the safe passage of each student to college and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the college has its own fleet of outsourced college buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of all students. The Transport Service (optional) is operated by the college and a separate transport fee is charged for this.

Safe & Secure

More than 1000 parking lots avilable in the west side of the compus. The parking is available 24 hours with 24hours security.

The Campus Experience

Techno Group of Institutions was established in 2010 for the public benefit, and now it is recognized globally for excellent academic performance and building students’ career. Throughout our great history, Techno has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a leader in higher education, the institution has pioneered change in the sector.

Book Bank at Techno Group of Institutions


Institute runs a Book Bank intended to assist students by giving text books to students for the whole academic year according to the rules framed for the purpose.The Library offers a range of information services to support the culture process set to the highest professional standards.

Branded Bag Provided By Techno Group of Institutions


Bags are very spacious and compact to use. You can keep your regular things that are required in a backpack like books and all college things that are required everyday. It is good to use to carry a Laptop as well. You can use it for a one day picnic as well which can fit one persons need! Make your look sporty and stylish which has stylish leather straps as well.

Smart Card Device


A smart card is a portable computational device with data storage capacity. As such, it can be a very consistent form of personal identification and a tamper-proof, protected information storage area. The key promising applications of smart cards are in Identification, Attendance, Library and Cafeteria..

Fully WIFI Campus at Techno Group of Institutions


Technology needs to be integrated into the teaching and learning process and the College has done the best to ensure it in these centrally Tech-Enabled Campus. Technological has been leveraged for better student-teacher interaction, productivity and communication. It makes teaching and learning simpler and enjoyable.

RO Water Facility Techno Group of Institutions


Water points are available at appropriate places in and around the campus to quench the thirst of the students. “Water, the elixir of Life” is purified using the reverse osmosis method, and supplied hygienically. This in turn, will protect the students from health hazards and help them to lead a healthy life.

Cafeteria At Techno Group of Institutions


Canteen Facilities are provided within the campus. Great decor and mouth watering delicacies make it a popular hangout for student. The Cuisine comprises of Continental, Chinese, North and South Indian Dishes.


TECHNO offers an environment in which our students and faculty can focus on intellectual and personal growth as a close-knit community. TECHNO campus includes state of the art teaching infrastructure and academic buildings are designed and continually updated to facilitate learning. TECHNO has a distinctive atmosphere where the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation, and friendly competition. Students work together in study groups and are genuinely supportive of one another, and form professional relationships that last long after graduation. The day in the campus starts with intriguing lectures. The sessions are full of flexible pedagogical tools, mainly case discussions, problem analysis and exhaustive interaction among students and professors. The smaller batch strength ensures better student – professor interaction and also enables active participation of all students in class. The surprise quizzes are conducted just when they are least expected. The activities on the campus often extend late into the evenings. The myriad events organized by student committees vary from business quizzes, testing marketing skills to chess competitions & much more. The grilling classroom sessions do not dampen the competitive spirit of the students and the recreational events and activities rejuvenate the mind and the soul.

In every way, our physical and virtual campus fosters a community of collaboration, respect, stewardship, and responsibility. It is also the place where lifelong relationships are created, perhaps the most lasting legacy of the TECHNO experience.

Salient Features:
> Visiting Faculty from Corporate Sector & Reputed B-Schools.
> Professional, Disciplined, Safe and Ragging free Campus.
> Fully Air Conditioned & Digital Class Rooms.
> State-of-art Library, Audio Video & Computer Lab.
> Wi-Fi Campus & Cafeteria.
> Bank Tie-ups for Educational Loan.
> Free Book Bank.
> National & International Academic Visits included in curriculum.
> Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facility.
> Pick and Drop Facility.
> Scholarship available for deserving candidates.
> Separate Hostel Facility for Boys & Girls.

How to reach TECHNO:
Campus is at a distance of 19 Km (45 Min) from Charbagh Railway Station & 32 Km (45 Min) from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport,Lucknow.


“An academician’s seventh heaven and the brain of any education centre is the Library.”

Over the years, TECHNO has developed its library as an outstanding learning resource centre, catering to the ever-growing and uncompromising information and intellectual requirements of students and faculty. It has a rich collection of print and digital resources in terms of quality and quantity. Students are offered all-round support throughout the year for their academic and professional development. It offers a vibrant and state-of-the-art learning environment consisting of a dedicated Business and Management related resources.

The library at TECHNO is an indispensible resource that provides comprehensive and authoritative information on subjects relating to Management, Business, Commerce, Mass Communication and allied areas as well as a selection of material on the social sciences and topics of general interest.

The library offers an extensive collection of physical and digital resources comprising books and e-books, print and e-journals, an exhaustive range of databases, reference titles, case studies, DVDs/CDs and other materials. The library is fully automated using the most advanced library management systems. Apart from books on management and non- management related areas, the various sections in library also cover the following: General readings, In-house journals, Past Examination Papers, Suggested Readings and the Online Library Section. The library is maintained by a team of qualified and experienced professional staff who provides full assistance to the students and also helps them to find the information through a vast collection of reading materials as well as a multitude of remote databases and electronic resources.

The objectives of the TECHNO library are:
> To build and maintain a knowledge resource center of the highest standard
> To provide the highest quality professional expertise to faculty and students to support their research, teaching and learning needs
> To identify, acquire and make accessible the widest range of relevant information in various formats


> Books & E-books
> Journals & E-journals
> Magazines
> Online & Offline Databases
> Bound Volumes
> Case-Study
> Newspapers
> Audio Visual Materials
> Annual Reports
> Project Reports


> Circulation
> Online Public Access Catalogue
> Reference & Information Service
> Bibliography & Documentation
> Current Awareness Services
> Database Access & Retrieval
> Documentation Services
> Resource Sharing
> News-Clippings
> Reprography (Photocopy)
> Organization of Book Exhibition & Technical Demonstration
> Orientation Program & User Education

Library Membership

The following are entitled to enroll themselves as Library members:

> Enrolled Students of TECHNO
> Faculty Members
> Visiting Faculty
> Officer & Staff Members
> Research Scholars and Research Associates

General RULES
> The TECHNO Library follows an open access system.
> Books or other materials taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the tables reserved for this purpose. Please remember that a book misplaced is a book lost.
> While entering the library, readers should leave their personal belongings, such as bags, brief-cases, personal books, and parcels near the counter reserved for this purpose. However, they can carry loose papers and note books.
> Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine their personal belongings.
> Readers should maintain peace in the library and should not disturb other users in any way.
> Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the material.
> Switch off your mobiles while entering the library.
> Library’s photocopying service is fee based.


The Campus has aesthetically designed classrooms to enhance delivery and reception of content delivered during class and facilitate discussions. The lecture halls at TECHNO do not just create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning but in a sense nurture the quest for knowledge in the students. All classrooms have LAN as well as WIFI network connectivity to facilitate modern teaching methods. Each classroom is equipped with fixed projectors and high-end sound systems and there are video conferencing facilities with swivel cameras in all classrooms and conference rooms. The classrooms are acoustically engineered and Audio-visual aids such as television and video players are also regularly used. There are also separate Conference rooms, Audio-Visual rooms and Seminar Halls equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Well designed, fully equipped, modern and spacious class rooms mark TECHNO’s contemporary culture. Each classroom is equipped with Over-Head Projectors, LCD Projectors, Laptops and Personal Address System with Collar Mike etc. for effective use of faculty and the students. Board rooms are also equipped with Video Multi Conferencing and Audio Conferencing System integrating advanced audio visual solutions.

The accessibility to all the classrooms on different floors is through elevator. All the floors having classrooms are provided with RO fresh water facilities with water coolers, washroom facilities for student’s use and lot of circulation space for student’s to manoeuvre. The brick and mortar infrastructure consists of modern campus facilities. The classrooms / lecture halls are of varying seating capacities. The Conference Halls have been exclusively designed for Executive Development Programs. These elements facilitate modern day pedagogy in an ecosystem which emulates the high-profile corporate design


Laboratory teaching assumes that first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science is superior to other methods of developing understanding and appreciation. Laboratory training is also frequently used to develop skills necessary for more advanced study or research.

Practical ability to do experiments and analyze data is usually acquired through practice and experience. Practice is essential to being able to make the connection between theory and experience.

Effective teaching and learning of science involves a perpetual state of show and tell.Good schools combine classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that our students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. We believe that laboratory teaching and experiments encourage deep understanding.

TECHNO has Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Zoology Labs.


In order to provide practical skills and competencies required for handling future roles in competitive world of Business, TECHNO has established fully air-conditioned, state-of-the-art Computer Lab. TECHNO Computer Lab is equipped with useful management related Softwares such as SPSS which support research endeavors by students and faculty. The Centre is also having NAS Storage, Firewall, Network Printer and Scanners which are integrated in LAN to optimize the utilization of the available resources.

The Computing facilities include fully wired computer LAN with over 100 PCs equipped with software for creating presentations, data analysis, word processing, image capture and modification, statistical analysis and multimedia activity. The PCs are networked to multiple servers. The networked facilities Include software development kits, RDBMS and centralized scanning and printing.
The Computer Centre is equipped with:

> Latest servers and PCs as nodes, connected on a Windows Server platform
> Fully wired and WI-FI enabled campus
> 10 Mbps Internet connections in each campus.
> Latest software packages
> Video Conferencing facility.
Faculty, staff and students play crucial roles in identifying needs, embracing new technologies, and using applications in creative ways. We harness the role of technology as a critical enabler in all our operations.

The idea is to use computers as a strategic enabler to achieve the larger objective – more resources at the student’s hands making IT a normal part of life at TECHNO in a cost effective manner. Computer support services are designed to provide students with help, advice and full assistance in their coursework. As part of its teaching support the Institute also has multiple projectors and video conferencing equipment.

Computer Lab Rules
> You should make an entry in the lab register every time while coming and going out of the lab
> No food or drinks allowed in the computer lab at any time
> Shouting, loudly talking, use of Cell phone or listening music is strictly prohibited in the Computer Centre
> You are not permitted to install, modify or delete any software on lab computers
> Scheduled classes in the labs have priority over all other uses
> User data files should be saved on your network drive.
> The computer lab is not responsible for problems caused by computer viruses, improper use of the equipment, loss of data due to equipment malfunctions or any other reason
> Equipment in the computer labs may not be removed, modified, relocated or disassembled without permission of the lab coordinator
> The computer lab resources are prohibited from usage for any illegal or disruptive purposes
> Reproduction of any copyrighted material (e.g. software, music, video, books, photographs, etc.) is prohibited
> Displaying of offensive graphic images by way of Internet Explorer or other software is not permitted. Online chatting, playing games is not allowed
> Be respectful to others lab users, lab equipment and area at all time in the Computer Labs
> Problems with Computer Lab equipment and software problem should be reported to the lab personnel immediately
> Users are expected to keep the computer lab neat and tidy and if need, should clean up the area around the computer they used before they leave
> To protect your security shut down the computer before leaving the computer lab


TECHNO has a Web Assisted Language Laboratory to support students in the language learning process. Innovative interactive tools such as digital multimedia control, wireless headsets and microphones are provided not only to enhance language teaching but also to enable instructors accomplish continuous assessment and grading of students’ performance.

The facilities in the Language Laboratory allow students to listen to model pronunciation and diction, practice by repeating and record the same, which allows students to compare with the model and conduct self-assessment. Our Communication Labs is a core essential part of our curricular program. For students who aspire to become effective and confident communicators, TECHNO provides a safe, risk-free, creative space to develop and improve oral communication and presentation skills. Our Labs are staffed with an energetic and motivated group of peer tutors and mentors to help guide the public speaking in students, while also engaging students in the greater potential of effectively communicating with myriad audiences.

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. English language learning has therefore become a must of any student today. The language laboratory at TECHNO plays an important role in the language learning process. The purpose of language lab is to involve student to actively participate in language learning exercise and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment. The quality of the language proficiency will be more when they learn it from the multimedia, digital and computerized language lab.

We provide the following:
> Flexible operating hours
> Sites predominately staffed by experienced student tutors and mentors – Assistance to all TECHNO students in the entire speech making process, including:
> Develop a topic & purpose for the specific context of their speech.
> Organize clear thesis & main points to focus the direction of the speech.
> Research supporting material to defend claims made in the speech – including citations, written and oral.
> Construct an outline suited for oral presentations
> Develop presentational aids to clarify and amplify information presented in the speech.
> Practice delivery & performance to maximize audience understanding and engagement.
> Record practice performances for greater assessment and reflection for the speaker.


Mass Communication has emerged as a major area of interest and has immensely contributed to the development & empowerment of society. As an academic discipline, it has rapidly acquired importance and become a major attraction for students. The information technology revolution has significantly contributed to the expansion of mass media. It has also posed major challenges for students, teachers and practitioners of mass media. The rapidly evolving technology scenario is changing the very complexion of the discipline in a manner unknown to any other area of academic activity. It is a challenge which we accept as an essential part of life at TECHNO. To aid the same, we have Audio Video Lab.

Students from a variety of disciplines learn the language of video and sound, and gain a respect for past and current technologies. Encouraged to experiment with many different mediums, they learn the philosophy behind the production: from lighting, filming, and green screen techniques to non-linear editing, sound design/composition and projection. Facility includes high-end video and film cameras, accessories, professional lighting kits, green screen studio/stage, audio booth & control room, Video Editing Lab and even a screening room.

Video Studio

With a view to developing a high impact and good knowledge base amongst its students and trainees in the field of journalism, the Institute has a modern production studio, equipped with digital cameras with synch and special effects generators. The editing consoles comprise I-Mac, FCP Mac-Pro digital video editing systems and on-line digital video editing. For radio transmission, the Institute has separate sound recording, FM and voice-over studios, which are used for imparting training in Radio and TV technology.

Audio Studio

The Institute is equipped with the requisite facilities for radio news-gathering: professional tape and digital recorders, microphones and other accessories. The sound studio has reasonably comprehensive facilities.


A well furnished fully air conditioned auditorium with state of the art audio, video facilities and seating capacity of 300 students is available for visiting faculty members, conduct of various functions to facilitate student’s activities. The state-of-the-art auditorium provides a centre stage for conducting guest lectures, speaker sessions, events and batch-meets with a sitting capacity for the whole batch. It serves as a common place through which plethora of activities, initiatives are conducted and organised within the campus.

TECHNO ensures all round development of each participant through this healthy juxtaposition of various facets of learning inter-mixed with cutting edge technology on campus, facilitating, both, the faculty and the students in their quest towards excellence.

Students aptly utilize the auditorium facilities during the induction ceremony, Fresher’s Party, Guest Lectures, Convocation Programme, Farewell functions and other Cultural/Academic functions, etc

Conference Hall

A well furnished and very spacious fully air conditioned Conference Hall with state of the art audio, video facilities with a capacity to accommodate numerous participants/students is available for conduct of various lectures by Guest Speakers, Exhibitions, Seminars, MDP programmes and conferences.


“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

TECHNO boasts of an illustrious sporting tradition alongside its excellence in education. TECHNO has state-of-the- art sporting facilities and a strong student base interested in Sports. Students at TECHNO maintain a healthy balance between study and sports life. At TECHNO, we believe that when you exercise your body, you exercise your mind as well. A wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available to the TECHNO students so as to ensure an all-round development. The available sports facilities are cricket, badminton, table tennis, etc. The sports centre caters to the recreational needs of the students by providing a host of indoor games such as chess, carom, scrabble, etc. The institute organizes sports for the students to compete in inter-class as well as inter-collegiate tournaments. TECHNO believes in healthy hearts and physically powerful minds. For overall improvement of every candidate, TECHNO has different associations which focus on the student’s curiosity in diverse field.

In addition to the facilities on campus, students at TECHNO have access to swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, and a synthetic athletics track through our affiliation with local clubs and other sports associations.

TECHNO also houses a modest gymnasium for fitness conscious students. The Institute maintains a well-equipped gymnasium with all modern equipment and a trainer to guide and encourage students to work out daily at the Institute.


Meditation is food for the soul: it nourishes the universal values of compassion, caring and sharing, responsibility, non-violence and peacefulness. It helps us bond with others. These are important values to guide us and make us accept all the hard realities of this competitive world: more so in times when there is cut throat competition. In same parlance, TECHNO Meditation Center is set up in Peaceful Settings and ensures soothing lighting and sufficient ventilation.

Major benefits of meditation are:
> A calm mind
> Good concentration
> Better clarity
> Improved communication
> Relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body
> Greater confidence
> Better health
> More mental strength and energy
> Greater dynamism!

At TECHNO, we promote Meditation among our Faculty & Students to gain following advantages:
> Anxiety decreases
> Emotional stability improves
> Creativity increases
> Happiness increases
> Intuition develops
> Gain clarity and peace of mind
> Problems become smaller
> Meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation
> A sharp mind without expansion causes tension, anger and frustration
> An expanded consciousness without sharpness can lead to lack of action/progress
> The balance of a sharp mind and an expanded consciousness brings perfection

To experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It takes only a few minutes every day. The professional meditation instructor at Techno ensures easy practicing on regular basis. Once imbibed into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of the day!

Meditation is like a seed. When you cultivate a seed with love, the more it blossoms.

The serene and calm environs of the meditation center refresh and reinvigorate the students and provide them a breathing space to overcome stress.


TECHNO provides in-campus exclusive residential facilities for boys and girls with round-the-clock security. The hostels, again in tune with the goals of TECHNO, facilitate and imbibe a culture of sharing, caring, and learning.

TECHNO has completely vegetarian mess adjacent to the residences that serves hygienic food to its residents. Break-fast, lunch, evening tea and dinner is served every day during fixed hours. All rooms in the hostels have Wi-Fi access and are thus, very handy for students, who can continue their studies unhindered. A host of newspapers and magazines are also available, to keep the students abreast of the latest happenings from around the world.
Hostel accommodation for the students in each Academic Year is made available on first come first serve basis. Recreational facilities such as common room to help students keep abreast with the happenings around the world through television, gymnasium, and sports facilities such as courts for volley ball, badminton, tennis and ground for cricket are the highlights of TECHNO campus. There are both single and double occupancy rooms available for the students. Admission to the hostel is restricted to the bonafide students of TECHNO. The accommodation would be available only for the duration of the programme.

Overall, the hostels at TECHNO are made to be as close to a “home away from home” for the student


The Music & Dance Room is an integral part of the Cultural Committee-ABHIVYAKTI at TECHNO. The institute has its own band named ‘RUDRAKSH’ which consists of super talented Technoites who keep performing in various events in the campus from time to time. Also, we have a bunch of super energetic magnificent dance performers who create magic with their footsteps, every time they are on stage. To facilitate their talent, institute has provided them a separate well lit and equipped Dance Room.

Music Room

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ~ Billy Joel

The music room of TECHNO provides a number of musical instruments for the music lovers of the institute. Music classes are also arranged under the guidance of an expert tutor.

Instruments available in the music room:
> Tabla
> Drums
> Guitar
> Piano
> Harmonium
> Flute
Music is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation -which has a ton of health benefits.
> Improves Visual & Verbal Skills
> Keeps brain healthy
> Makes you happier
> Strengthens Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure
> Improves Concentration
> Boosts your immune system & reduces pain
> Reduces Depression & Anxiety

Dance Room

Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture. Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or origin. Technoites try to adapt to varied dance styles, mainly

> Freestyle
> Hip Hop
> Break Dancing
> Ballet
> Salsa
> Kathak
> Tap Dancing


The TECHNO cafeteria serves students with good quality food at a subsidized price range. There are a varied range of wholesome snacks and meals to choose from, which can be enjoyed by the students, staff and faculty. The system of Wi-Fi enabled digital communication in the canteen helps students continue with their learning process while they relax. The meals are served promptly to cater to students within short breaks. Tantalizing aromas have been wafting over the clean & hygienic sitting area. The Exotic atmosphere is spacious, clean and hospitable and has been strategically built keeping in mind all details for the convenience for students as many of them come from far off places to make them feel back home. Cafeteria offers an extensive selection of classic Indian food along with Chinese & south Indian flavor combining traditional vegetarian & non- vegetarian cuisines. Cafeteria is also equipped with an LCD TV for students’ entertainment.


Medical Room
The Institute has one dedicated medical room with first aid and necessary equipment as prescribed by the Doctor.

Medical facilities
An experienced doctor is available on call round the clock. In case of any emergency Ambulance Service is tied up with nearby hospitals. Apart from this, for any emergency, the Institute vehicle is available during day time and also available during nights on short notice. The medical unit is equipped with amenities in order to counter a case of emergency. Hospitals are located near the campus and their services can be availed in case a student or faculty member is in need of advanced treatment or therapy

Preventive Health Check Up
The Institute organizes ‘SANRAKSHAN’ Annual Health Check-up camp in association with Rotary Club; Barabanki.This is done in alliance with any of the reputed Hospitals of the city.


Safety of our students is our prime concern. Thus, our transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest & the most convenient transport solution. The college provides excellent transportation facilities with a fleet of vans & wingers separately for students and staff. Transportation focuses on accessibility rather than the mobility and Techno Group provides a wide range of transportation facility. We cover the all the routes in the city. These vans & wingers bring the students and staff to the campus in the morning before commencement of the classes and return back after the completion of the classes. The transportation facility saves precious time of students and enhances the teaching-learning efficiency.

> Transport Facility in the form of College Vans and Winger is available in the institute from all corners of the city.
> We make sure students reach home safely and comfortably by the well-managed area-wise vehicle distribution followed by proper time-table and pick-up points.
> Fees: As per the distance/As prescribed in Route Chart.


TECHNO’s education methodology is totally industry oriented and follows the same phenomenon. We have many quality tie-ups in industry for internship to our students. Students get handsome incentives and stipend during internship in industry.

TECHNO conducts industrial visits in top companies for our students so that they get industry exposure and experience during their studies.

TECHNO believes in awareness of the market and industry during studies and to fulfill the concept, we invite speakers from top industries for seminars and conferences. TECHNO also invites specialized industry professionals for workshop of 3-5 days to provide industry exposure to our students.

TECHNO has a specialized PDP cell including industry professionals devoted to develop the skills in students. From the day one, we start personality development program and prepare a performance chart to ensure the gradual growth in students.

TECHNO has interactive display and media for high tech learning for their students in language laboratory. There are several advanced technology based equipments to make the learning easy using linguistic software etc.

We have trained professional faculty for French/ Spanish foreign language so that students can learn and work in international industry environment.