Infrastructure- Transportation

Safety of our students is our prime concern. Thus, our transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest & the most convenient transport solution. The college provides excellent transportation facilities with a fleet of vans & wingers separately for students and staff. Transportation focuses on accessibility rather than the mobility and Techno Group provides a wide range of transportation facility. We cover the all the routes in the city. These vans & wingers bring the students and staff to the campus in the morning before commencement of the classes and return back after the completion of the classes. The transportation facility saves precious time of students and enhances the teaching-learning efficiency.

  • Transport Facility in the form of College Vans and Winger is available in the institute from all corners of the city.
  • We make sure students reach home safely and comfortably by the well-managed area-wise vehicle distribution followed by proper time-table and pick-up points.
  • Fees: As per the distance/As prescribed in Route Chart.