Infrastructure- Student Development Program

Internship Training

TECHNO's education methodology is totally industry oriented and follows the same phenomenon. We have many quality tie-ups in industry for internship to our students. Students get handsome incentives and stipend during internship in industry.

Industrial Visits

TECHNO conducts industrial visits in top companies for our students so that they get industry exposure and experience during their studies.

Seminars, Conferences and Workshop

TECHNO believes in awareness of the market and industry during studies and to fulfill the concept, we invite speakers from top industries for seminars and conferences. TECHNO also invites specialized industry professionals for workshop of 3-5 days to provide industry exposure to our students.

Personality Development Programs

TECHNO has a specialized PDP cell including industry professionals devoted to develop the skills in students. From the day one, we start personality development program and prepare a performance chart to ensure the gradual growth in students.

Language Laboratory

TECHNO has interactive display and media for high tech learning for their students in language laboratory. There are several advanced technology based equipments to make the learning easy using linguistic software etc.

Foreign Language

We have trained professional faculty for French/ Spanish foreign language so that students can learn and work in international industry environment.