Placment Rules
  • The Institute is committed to provide support in the final placements to all students who have successfully completed their programme of studies and also maintain good conduct throughout the programme.
  • The Institute will make every endeavor to invite as many companies as possible for campus placement. Students must be however prepared to go to the company’s office or selection venue for any part or the complete selection process as required by the recruiting company.
  • You are required to be well groomed and in institute’s prescribed formals for all pre-placement talks as well as the complete selection process whether organized in the campus or at the company’s office or selection venue. Non-compliance will result in debarring the student from joining in pre-placement talk and or appearing for the selection process.
  • Attendance in pre-placement talks, personality development and preparatory classes (including mock interviews) is compulsory for all the eligible students.
  • The Placement Cell of the Institute will provide only one job offer to each student, after which she/he will cease to be on the list of eligible candidates for placement. Failure to accept the first offer will mean and imply that the institute will no longer be extending its placement support to such a student and she/he will be required to arrange for final and / or summer placement on his / her own.
  • The Placement Cell will notify through group mail and on the Placement Notice Board all recruitment requests received from the companies with as much of details as made available. Applications will be invited from interested and eligible (as per the criteria, if any, specified by the recruiting company) students. It is the duty of every student to regularly see the Group mail/Placement Notice Board and comply with the announced datelines. No late applications / requests will be entertained.
  • The decision to apply or not by eligible students will purely be their own. However, if any eligible student decides not to apply to three companies, she/he will disqualify himself / herself from the placement support of the Institute.
  • In case of a large response to a recruitment opportunity either exceeding the maximum number of applications required by the recruiter or deemed fit by the Placement Cell, selection of number of resumes to be sent will be based on CGPA, Employability Assessment rating / grade, attendance in pre-placement talks and personality development & preparatory classes (including mock interviews), and / or any other criteria decided by the Placement Cell. The decision of the Placement Cell will be final and binding on all the students.
  • It will be mandatory for all short-listed students to appear for the selection process / interview. Any withdrawal / no-show will debar the student from placement assistance of the Institute.

No Placement Facilitation for a student who:

  1. Does not attend a process despite nomination having been given.
  2. Withdraws from the process Mid–Way.
  3. In the placement process, she/he
    1. Tells the company that she/he does not want to join them
    2. Speaks negatively about the company or TECHNO
    3. Is found doctoring his/her resume submitted at Placement Cell
    4. Talks directly to the company representative / executive at any time other than pre-placement talk
    5. Asks any irrelevant question or behaves in an unacceptable way during the pre-placement talk
    6. Misbehaves with Placement Cell
    7. Deliberately jeopardizes any other student’s chances of getting selected


The Institute reserves the right to change / modify any or all of the above stated Placement rules and procedures whenever found necessary. All changes / modifications will be communicated to the students.