KIRAN- The Academic Committee of TECHNO

About the Committee

The Academic Committee gives students a chance to make the academic experience as beneficial as it can possibly be. The Academic Committee is responsible for positively influencing the academic experience for all students.

It is a vital link between the student body and the faculty at Techno. The most significant function of the committee is to suggest and contribute to all academic issues raised in the community and to bring new relevant issues to the community. The main focus ultimately is to act as a medium of communication between the student body and the faculty. The agenda here is to always keep students aware of their academic standing and reducing blind-spots. Academic committee takes up the responsibility of imbibing best practices so that the future batches can have the same or better system in place. The academic committee also deals with conducting open houses for the regular interaction between faculty and students. Academic excellence is at the heart of what we aspire to achieve.

Vision Statement

To foster and sustain a productive academic-oriented-culture of assessment at Techno by emphasizing the positive outcomes of the process on the betterment of academic programs and student development as well as faculty development programs.

Mission Statement

We aspire to provide students with rich and deep learning experiences and anticipate that our craft will prepare our graduates for a fulfilling career and help them make a positive contribution to society.

Objectives of the Committee

  • Apply knowledge in creative ways
  • Experiment with new ideas, identities, and skills
  • Improving the relationship and industry exposure  between students and their concerned departments
  • Creating a greater integration between academics and the campus climate
  • Holding dialogues on regular basis between students and faculty to discuss academic issues
  • Creating zeal for academic venture

Events Organized

  • Seminars, Conferences & Workshops
  • Paper Presentations
  • Simulation Games
  • Case Studies
  • Vaktavya (DEBATE )
  • Brand O Mania (Quiz)
  • Horse Race (BUSINESS PLAN)
  • Commercial Madness (AD MAD)
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Etc

Core Skills Required

  • Networking
  • Time management
  • Resilience
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership and management