Book Bank

Institute runs a Book Bank intended to assist students by giving text books to students for the whole academic year according to the rules framed for the purpose.The Library offers a range of information services to support the culture process set to the highest professional standards.

Branded Bag

Bags are very spacious and compact to use. You can keep your regular things that are required in a backpack like books and all college things that are required everyday. It is good to use to carry a Laptop as well. You can use it for a one day picnic as well which can fit one persons need! Make your look sporty and stylish which has stylish leather straps as well.

Smart card

A smart card is a portable computational device with data storage capacity. As such, it can be a very consistent form of personal identification and a tamper-proof, protected information storage area. The key promising applications of smart cards are in Identification, Attendance, Library and Cafeteria..

A/C Class Rooms

Technology needs to be integrated into teaching and learning process and the College has done the best to ensure it in these centrally air-conditioned classrooms. Technological has been leveraged for better student-teacher interaction, productivity and communication. It makes teaching and learning simpler and enjoyable.


RO Water Facility

Water points are available at appropriate places in and around the campus to quench the thirst of the students. "Water, the elixir of Life" is purified using the reverse osmosis method, and supplied hygienically. This in turn, will protect the students from health hazards and help them to lead a healthy life.


Canteen Facilities are provided within the campus. Great decor and mouth watering delicacies make it a popular hangout for student. The Cuisine comprises of Continental, Chinese, North and South Indian Dishes.