Infrastructure - Class Rooms

The Campus has aesthetically designed classrooms to enhance delivery and reception of content delivered during class and facilitate discussions. The lecture halls at TECHNO do not just create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning but in a sense nurture the quest for knowledge in the students.  All classrooms have LAN as well as WIFI network connectivity to facilitate modern teaching methods.  Each classroom is equipped with fixed projectors and high-end sound systems and there are video conferencing facilities with swivel cameras in all classrooms and conference rooms. The classrooms are acoustically engineered and Audio-visual aids such as television and video players are also regularly used. There are also separate Conference rooms, Audio-Visual rooms and Seminar Halls equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Well designed, fully equipped, modern and spacious class rooms mark TECHNO’s contemporary culture. Each classroom is equipped with Over-Head Projectors, LCD Projectors, Laptops and Personal Address System with Collar Mike etc. for effective use of faculty and the students. Board rooms are also equipped with Video Multi Conferencing and Audio Conferencing System integrating advanced audio visual solutions.

The accessibility to all the classrooms on different floors is through elevator. All the floors having classrooms are provided with RO fresh water facilities with water coolers, washroom facilities for student’s use and lot of circulation space for student’s to manoeuvre. The brick and mortar infrastructure consists of modern campus facilities. The classrooms / lecture halls are of varying seating capacities. The Conference Halls have been exclusively designed for Executive Development Programs. These elements facilitate modern day pedagogy in an ecosystem which emulates the high-profile corporate design