Infrastructure - Cafeteria

The TECHNO cafeteria serves students with good quality food at a subsidized price range. There are a varied range of wholesome snacks and meals to choose from, which can be enjoyed by the students, staff and faculty. The system of Wi-Fi enabled digital communication in the canteen helps students continue with their learning process while they relax. The meals are served promptly to cater to students within short breaks. Tantalizing aromas have been wafting over the clean & hygienic sitting area. The Exotic atmosphere is spacious, clean and hospitable and has been strategically built keeping in mind all details for the convenience for students as many of them come from far off places to make them feel back home. Cafeteria offers an extensive selection of classic Indian food along with Chinese & south Indian flavor combining traditional vegetarian & non- vegetarian cuisines. Cafeteria is also equipped with an LCD TV for students’ entertainment.