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Best B.Com Honors College In Lucknow You Must Know

Thinking of what to study after 12th if you are not able to grab a Science or Arts degree course? What about commerce? Have you thought of pursuing commerce from some of the best B.Com Honors College in Lucknow. Yes. B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce can be the perfect course for you. It is a 3yr long i.e. 6 semester undergraduate degree program with different specialization. For the initial semesters’ compulsory papers to be read and slowly you start studying the specialization papers which you have opted for.
Mostly the course offered by B.Com Honors College in Lucknow City comprises managerial and analytical papers, such as business law, finance, accountancy, economics, business study, statistics, mathematics, management, taxation, costing, information technology, computerized accounting, etc. with Indian languages. In this article, you will come across various aspect of choosing the B.Com Honors College in Lucknow 2020 considering the different factors.