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Thinking of what to study after 10+2? If you are a business lover or want a career in management then BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration can be a game-changing course to pursue. Join 3 Years Bachelor Degree Course Under Lucknow University.

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Career Prospects After Completing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application from Best BCA College in Lucknow

The IT sector is one of the major employment providers throughout India. Well, it is expected to spread a lot in the coming years. The Computer Application College in Lucknow district course trains the students in developing, programming, and networking abilities. If the student is hardworking and talented enough then your three-year Bachelor of Computer Application degree stands at par with the four years Bachelor of Technology Degree. The Best Computer Application College in Lucknow helps you to understand the basics of Computer Hardware, Computer Concepts, and Operating Systems.

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Basic Subjects in the Degree Offered By BCA College in Lucknow

Generally, the students who get enrolled in computer application courses are trained in computer fundamentals and different types of programming concepts. The Best BCA College in Lucknow offers you industry-standard skills which in the long run help you to understand the core matter easily.

Let’s focus on some basic subjects adapted by the Best College under Lucknow University. They are:

• Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
• File and Data Structure under the Database Management System (DBMS)
• Computer Oriented Statistical and Optimization Methods
• Computer Operating Systems (OS)
• Computer Oriented Financial Management

Well, students are seen adapting to online gigs when they are in college. This provides them some exposure to real-world challenges.

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Choose Your Electives Wisely

When getting admission to Computer Application College in Lucknow City, choosing the correct electives can make a huge difference in your career. One of the growing sectors is Artificial Intelligence (AI); so, if you are looking forward to gaining more knowledge and add value to your resume, you should go for this sector. Well, you might land yourself with a good job.

Many Best Private College in Lucknow, offers many excellent electives and they are:-

• Python
• JavaScript
• Front-End Web Development
• Application Development and many more.

Job Profiles Offered By Computer Application College in Lucknow After Completing BCA

There is a huge scope for the students after completing the computer application degree from any Best BCA College in Lucknow district. There are plenty of jobs and career options once the degree is completed.

Recruitments By Public Sector

Even the public sector also recruits several software engineers. Well!! If you are having a good experience then you can start your software firm. Software engineers are hired by private banks and other financial institutions. They maintain and develop several other features as per the requirement of the clients.

After completing the computer application degree from the best college under Lucknow University, you can apply for the following profiles. They are:

• Computer System Analyst
• Database Administrator
• Hardware Engineer
• Project Manager
• Web Designer/ Developer
• Software Developer
• Software Publisher
• Software Engineer or Programmer
• Software Application Architect
• Senior Technical Consultant
• Software Consultant

Skills Required to Compete for the Job

• To become a good programmer, you need to have command over the programming language such as C, C++,
Java, .Net, ASP.Net, etc.

• If web designing interests you, then need to focus on the languages like Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP),
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), etc.

• If the networking field interests you then you have to be skilled in Structured Query Language (SQL),
Loveable Intellect Not Using XP (LINUX), etc.

Other Certificate Courses Offered By Best College under Lucknow University

There are certain specialized certificate courses that you can do alongside your BCA to enhance your career. Some Best College under Lucknow University offers these courses.

Data Scientist

It is one of the promising careers for growing professionals. You need to analyze the data and
information, through the usage of programming skills you can handle bulk data. Several advanced
analytical tools and algorithms are used to extract structured and unstructured data.

Machine Learning

Generally, machine learning is termed as a subset of artificial intelligence. Well!! In the
coming days, this course will play an important role in the software application. The students
can opt for this course from several online platforms.

Cloud Computing

They are an integral part of the information technology companies. Companies of different sizes
rely mostly on the cloud computing platform to host their important data. The demand for cloud
computing professionals is increasing daily.

Salary Of A BCA Graduate

With good skills and education, you can land an excellent job. Well, good remuneration also depends on the company you work for.

The computer application specialist needs to test the gadget and another gaming console before it is launched in the market. The course offers a load of opportunities for the students. The Best Computer Application College in Lucknow prepares the student for the future. Apart from getting a certificate, you need to work hard to land yourself into your dream job. With the ever-changing technology, you need to acquire new skills and grab the amazing opportunities that come your way


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