Infrastructure -Audio Video Lab

Mass Communication has emerged as a major area of interest and has immensely contributed to the development & empowerment of society. As an academic discipline, it has rapidly acquired importance and become a major attraction for students. The information technology revolution has significantly contributed to the expansion of mass media. It has also posed major challenges for students, teachers and practitioners of mass media. The rapidly evolving technology scenario is changing the very complexion of the discipline in a manner unknown to any other area of academic activity. It is a challenge which we accept as an essential part of life at TECHNO. To aid the same, we have Audio Video Lab.

Students from a variety of disciplines learn the language of video and sound, and gain a respect for past and current technologies. Encouraged to experiment with many different mediums, they learn the philosophy behind the production: from lighting, filming, and green screen techniques to non-linear editing, sound design/composition and projection. Facility includes high-end video and film cameras, accessories, professional lighting kits, green screen studio/stage, audio booth & control room, Video Editing Lab and even a screening room.

Video Studio

With a view to developing a high impact and good knowledge base amongst its students and trainees in the field of journalism, the Institute has a modern production studio, equipped with digital cameras with synch and special effects generators. The editing consoles comprise I-Mac, FCP Mac-Pro digital video editing systems and on-line digital video editing. For radio transmission, the Institute has separate sound recording, FM and voice-over studios, which are used for imparting training in Radio and TV technology.

Audio Studio

The Institute is equipped with the requisite facilities for radio news-gathering: professional tape and digital recorders, microphones and other accessories. The sound studio has reasonably comprehensive facilities.