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About Us

techno vision


To be an epitomic institution of higher learning of global standards through Teaching, Research, Training and Consultancy.


techno mission


To run a trustworthy, quality based, professional institute with an objective to provide a positive, vibrant and diligent educative environment, creating constructive path towards integration of management education with industry orientation.


  • To impart TEST CONTENT holistic professional education in the field of management.
  • To make a premier institute of education through industrial and international collaborations.
  • To become a brand name as the finest job oriented institute in India.
  • To establish the institution as a research destination.
  • To place TECHNO students, who are the brand ambassadors of TECHNO, so as to work as a trademark in the corporate world.

Principles and Values

The principles and values behind the genesis of the institute are:-

  • We believe that education is the key to business reforms and progress. Management education is the panacea through which the society can organize its resources and shape itself to face challenges and identify the direction in which it wishes to move.
  • We are committed to guide the young generation the smoothest path to acquire management skills and make managerial expertise a part of a successful career.
  • We motivate the students to explore their full potential through quality academics, initiating hard work and diversified thinking.
  • We prepare young managers to face global challenges with confidence and competence.
  • Adapt to new and evolving educational paradigms.
  • Adapt to emerging technologies and changing disciplines.
  • We provide a friendly and dynamic environment to learn and grow.