The Cultural Committee of TECHNO

About the Committee

Techno Group of Institutions believes in all round development of personality of the students as its goal of education. Abhivyakti @ TECHNO is established to proliferate the Self Esteem & Sense of Achievement in Students via Management Tool of POSDCORB. The Committee intends to create an atmosphere, which is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating for the community on the campus. The Committee’s activities are also aimed to orient them towards standards of equality, justice and a humanist culture. The focus of the Cultural Committee includes liaison with the existing programs of the organization; encouraging Technoites interest and involvement through effective promotion of the cultural activities.

The committee assists with the planning and implementing of activities that create an environment supportive to cultural awareness, cultural identity, and self-esteem. We as a cultural team are responsible for keeping the spirits alive on the campus by organizing multitude of cultural activities round the year. Cultural diversity is something which is one of the most prized and cherished attributes of Techno as an institution. Assimilating cultural aspects from every stratum to the mainstream not only adds colour to the lives of the participants but also engages them into a vibrant assortment of festivals ranging from Janmashtami to Onam and thereby ornamenting the students life. To this view the Cultural Committee strives to inculcate observance of as many celebrations as are possible as a part of the Techno culture.

Vision Statement

To create innovative experiences that connect, educate and inspire.

Mission Statement

We are committed to ensure that you receive tailored event management solutions that bring exceptional results. We want you to not only to love the experience of the event, but also the experience of working with us.

Objectives of the Committee

  • To make students learn the various management skills like Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling
  • To enhance co-operation and team work among the students
  • To give opportunity to all to exhibit their individual talents
  • To give an exposure to holistic development
  • To contribute in developing the artistic talents of students by giving opportunities to exhibit their talents in the form of intra and inter college cultural festivals.
  •  To provide a platform for students to go beyond their academic quest and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities.
  • To bring limelight to the hidden talent of the students.
  • To add zest to the college life by organizing various intra and inter college cultural events.

Events Organized

  • Induction Programme
  • Tashan (Fresher`s Party)
  • Teacher`s day Celebration
  • Sports & Sparkle
  • Antarang-Annual Fest Cultural Night
  • Antarang-Inter Collegiate Competition
  • Splash Bash (Rain Dance Party)
  • Farewell Party
  • Face Painting Competition
  • Goonj (SOLO SINGING)
  • Footsteps (SOLO DANCE)
  • Sur Sargam (ANTAKSHARI)
  • Kalakriti (CHART MAKING)
  • Alpana (RANGOLI)
  • Dumb Charades
  • Rockshow
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Graffiti
  • Various Other Intra & Inter Competitions & Celebrations

Core Skills Required

  • Great Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Energetic
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Keen Eye for Details
  • Good Time Management Skills
  • Passionate and Enthusiastic
  • Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking