Why Techno’s BJMC course in Lucknow is the best for journalism aspirants


In today’s developing business, best BJMC course in Lucknow has a very important role to work in teaching and edifying the crowds concerning the things occurring throughout the world.

By the growing economy, progressing radio stations, news channels, and advertising auspices, there are various career possibilities for you beyond the country and even overseas, if you intend to take up Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication or the best BJMC course in Lucknow. You can frame which course to opt for, having in understanding your region of matter, your talking & reporting skills, the project which will encourage you to upskill and the expected scope.

If you aim to study the best BJMC course in Lucknow but are unsure about which job alternative to choose after finishing the program, then study the various appealing and attractive career options as provided below.

best fine arts college students from Lucknow University
Techno – the best journalism college in Uttar Pradesh


  • If you happen to be an artistic person then the best BJMC course in Lucknow is precisely what you must opt for a brilliant career forward. Media has developed its sections immensely plus there are several media organizations which you can opt to receive work. If you continue the best BJMC course in Lucknow, by no system it indicates that the profession choices are restricted to only press.
trendy college students of Lucknow
trendsetters of Lucknow – best BJMC college in Lucknow 
  • The program serves as a foundation for higher education alternatives, such as master including doctorate level programs in mass communications. BJMC course in Lucknow encourages the applicant to acquire technical and employment knowledge on different areas compared to press and mass communication. This encourages the applicant to develop up a challenging profession in the communications sector including lucrative payroll units. The same provides the possibility to explore and establish communication with a number of admired characters.


  • The media business remains in high needs for characters who are imaginative plus can come up including content which is unconventional and different. It remains a reality that the business is booming and therefore in demand of experts who can moreover lighten the region. Your creativity can be executed in the expert area to make money!

    most jobs in the journalism sector are now in digital media

Career prospects

The job outlines are charming as director, journalist, screenwriter, RJ, editor, VJ are rapidly available to skilled individuals. A best BJMC course in Lucknow opens opportunities to possess a profession in public relations, films & TV, journalism, publishing, direction, editing, production, filmmaking, scriptwriting, etc.

Various Job and career Roles

Following are the various job profiles offered to students in mass communication:

DSLR cameras and other media equipment
Techno BJMC Lucknow students use DSLR cameras of this type.
  • Special Correspondent
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Event manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Film Director
  • Producer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Art Director
  • Video Jockey
  • Editor

Business Forecast

Media experts also serve for TV channels including production businesses plus if you analyze yourself you can be a self-sufficient documentary maker. All gratitude toward the resurgence of mass communications due to public penetration of technology, there are a plethora of BJMC course in Lucknow job openings in news and production sector for skilled and talented experts, especially in broadcasting and movies.

Payroll Prospects

The opening payroll concerning an ordinary mass communication expert varies between Rs 12,000 to 25,000. Although after possessing ages of work exposure an expert can make a lot greater than any separate course seeker including similar practice on an average.

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