Top 5 Cool Ways of Spending Time in Lucknow

Lucknow or the “Constantinople of East” is a beautiful city known for its rich culture and history. This city attracts thousands of travelers each year for obvious reasons. While most of the travelers plan their Lucknow itinerary by including the popular attractions and activities, there are some that manage to explore the real Lucknow. Amusingly, most of the locals, including those studying in the B.Com College in Lucknowalso end up spending their weekends by visiting the usual city attractions. If you are about to visit Lucknow or are a Lucknowite, then we have found out 5 cool ways to spend your day in Lucknow.

  1. Star Gazing

If you are planning to skip your B.Com College in Lucknow for a day and hangout with your friends, then star gazing will be an unusual and exciting way to do that. The Indira Gandhi Planetarium creates magic with its spell bounding projections of stars and galaxy. The mesmerizing ambiance created using modern technology is worth your time. The shows of this planetarium have pleased people of all ages.

  1. Take a tonga ride

No matter how many modern vehicles have hit the market, the tonga ride of Lucknow has yet not lost its charm. Earlier, the nawabs of Lucknow used the tonga ride as a means of conveyance. You must have roamed around the city on your bike, car or other vehicles, but how about riding the way the nawabs did? Take all your friends from your B.Com College in Lucknow for a tonga ride and be taken aback to the royal era.

  1. Sufi sojourn

If you are a Sufi lover, then a visit to the mausoleum of Waris Ali Shah, the renowned Sufi saint is a must. A Sufi guide will provide you insights into the Sufi culture. You can visit with your friends of B.Com College in Lucknow and pay respect to the Dewa Sharif. It can be followed by an evening filled with soulful Sufi music that is sure to make your day special.

  1. Serene heritage walk  

Heritage walks are organized by the UP Tourism Department that covers monuments scattered across the city. An English guide leads these tours. Starting from Tali Wali Masjid, the heritage walk goes through the alleyways maze in the chowk district. You must have seen the city from your eyes, but this heritage walk will allow you to explore the city from the guide’s eyes. You can either go alone or take all your batch mates from your B.Com College in Lucknow.

  1. Dream world resort

Located 25 km away from Lucknow, this resort helps you take a break from your hectic life when you are enrolled in B.Com College in Lucknow. Games parlor, indoor water park, party lawns, amusement park, and DJ hall are some of the things that can unwind you and guarantee a fun-filled time with your family and friends at this resort.

Going to ancient monuments, shopping, restaurants, movies, and marine drive has become common. If you plan to spend your day in an unusual and fun way, then do try the ways mentioned above.     

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