Top 5 Best Fashion Ramp Walks In Indian Colleges

College students wait for the annual college fest each year, as it breaks the monotonous lifestyle they have been a part of for months. These events are the synonyms of unlimited fun, fashion, food, and everything that a college student can ask for. If you are a student of BFA College in Lucknow or any other Indian college, you should definitely attend the top 5 fests famous for their fashion ramp walks and tons of different events.

  1. Rendezvous, IIT Delhi

It is one of the largest cultural fests conducted by IIT, Delhi where students from over 350 colleges participate. Needless to mention, this event ranging across 3-4 days is filled with exciting activities. You can even find the students of BFA College in Lucknow participating here. Debate, Photography, Standup Comedy, and Beatboxing are a few of the events that make this fest special. But the main attraction grabber of Rendezvous is the fashion ramp walk. The fashion show follows a specific theme each year that makes it even more special. The poise with which each participant walks in the ramp is worth praising.

  1. Unmaad, IIM Bangalore

Hosted by IIM Bangalore, this fest is famous for its events and live performances. One of the main highlights of Unmaad is its Mr. and Mrs. Unmaad event. It is a fashion show where girls and boys participate as a couple. The ramp walk witnesses many pairs that walk the ramp in exclusive designer outfits with great poise. As celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, DJ Suketu, and Milind Soman have graced the event with their presence and performance, you can keep your expectations high with Unmaad.

  1. OASIS, BITS Pilani

This 96-hour festival is one of the country’s biggest college fests. With 200+ participating colleges and list of exciting events, OASIS has something for every college student. If you are a fashionista studying at the BFA College in Lucknow, then you should participate in OASIS’s fashion show. This event gives a platform to college students to showcase their fashion and modeling talent. A specific theme is followed for the fashion show, so the participants have to be mindful of the same.

  1. Paridhan, Delhi Technology University

This entire event is dedicated to fashion, glamour, and style. Hosted by the Delhi Technology University, Paridhan is a part of their annual cultural fest named ENGIFEST. With participants from different colleges competing against one another on the ramp, the sight and ambiance becomes worth experiencing. Many students of the BFA College in Lucknow have participated in ENGIFEST in earlier years, and you should participate too.


It is entire South India’s second best cultural fest. The Haute Couture is one of its many events that give students a chance to showcase their modeling skills. This fashion event follows different themes each year and allows only select students to participate. The dazzling attire of fashionistas and the spell bounding ambiance is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Students from different colleges participate in these fun-filled Indian college fests. So make sure you attend the upcoming events too.

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