Top 10 YouTubers From Lucknow (Just Wait Till You Read About No.5)

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that has attracted a significant share of the population, particularly youngsters, owing to the amazing content available. Today, almost everyone uses YouTube to either watch some fabulous vlogs, cooking channels, roast videos, songs, and tons of other content forms. The internet has brought about some fascinating ways to earn name, fame, and money with talent alone. YouTube is one such platform that extends the same benefit to people that want to earn money and become popular owing to their talent. If you are from a top BFA College in Lucknowyou would definitely want to know more about these celebrities on Youtube.

Lucknow is a place that is equivalent to a goldmine of talent. This royal city didn’t only gave us some of the best actors, politicians, poets, writers, administrators, and singers, but it gave us some exceptionally talented YouTubers too. As anyone with a creative mind can start their journey as a YouTuber, you may be surprised to see someone from your BJMC College in Lucknow making it big on this platform.

If you belong to the city of Nawabs, then you should definitely check this list of famous Lucknowi YouTubers.

  1. The Troll Tuber

The YouTube channel called “The Troll Tuber” is run by a young boy named Karan from Lucknow. He is a standup comedian and is known to share some great content on different social media platforms. Apart from YouTube, he also creates magic with his work on Instagram. His channel is yet to garner a good following, but his videos are still a big hit among the youngsters. An amazing entertainer, Karan has performed live at the launch function of Coffee Culture too. His channel has received over one lakh views, and the subscriber count keeps increasing with time. BFA College in Lucknow arms young people with the practical knowledge that is required to become deft Youtubers.

troll tubers - Youtuber from Lucknow
troll tubers – popular Youtuber from Lucknow
  1. LucknowiGirl Ruchi

Ruchi is a fashion and lifestyle vlogger that constantly churns some useful and interesting content on YouTube. Her videos revolve mostly around beauty tips, styling hacks, Bollywood news, vlogs, and other things that are related to Lucknow. This Lucknowi girl has a huge followers’ base. Her YouTube channel has over 2, 50,000 subscribers and more than 61,00,000 views. BFA College in Lucknow allows people to explore such opportunities even more.

youtuber lucknow
A noted Youtuber from Lucknow
  1. Simply Owsum Stranger (S.O.S)

Aquib, a young boy from Lucknow, is the creative mind behind S.O.S. If you have seen his videos earlier, you can understand how much he loves making people laugh. Apart from having a funny bone, this millennial kid is well-aware of its responsibility towards the society too. In some of his videos, he tried to convey social messages with a punch of humor. This famous Lucknawi prankster is known for creating thoughtful videos too. His channel has over 2, 90,000 subscribers, and it can cross the 3,00,000 mark anytime soon. BFA College in Lucknow gives great opportunities to young people to not just make a mark in the industry but even as freelancers.

Top Youtuber from Lucknow
Top Youtuber from Lucknow
  1. Colours & Creations

Shweta Verma is a sweet and bubbly girl that has been running a successful YouTube channel called “Colours & Creations” since April’2016. Her channel is all about DIY videos, lifestyle vlogs, hairstyle tips, room décor, beauty hacks, and much more. You can also find Shweta grooving to the beats of some amazing Bollywood songs. Her charming looks packed with immense talent earned her over 85,000 subscribers, which is a fairly good number.

youtuber lucknow for 2019
YouTuber Lucknow 2019
  1. Satish k Videos

Another talented kid on the block, Satish Kushwaha, is slowly gathering fame as a Lucknawi YouTuber. He shares lifestyle vlogs or videos where he interviews people. Going by the looks, he may look like a normal student of a B.Com College in Lucknow, but his unique way of curating and presenting content has earned him a following of nearly 99,000. He uploads content quite frequently and is also very famous among other Lucknow YouTubers.

  1. Sukun Ke Pal

This YouTube channel is owned by a young Lucknawi boy named Nikhil Srivastava. If you like poetry, short films, music, web series, and similar content, then you will like his channel too. Nikhil claims that his channel is a unique youth entertainment channel, and after going through some of his videos, we are very much convinced.

  1. Toxic Teens

If you like to watch videos that depicts the everyday life of a millennial in a humorous way, then this channel if for you.  This channel aims at creating and sharing fun normal life events. Two college going boys currently manage this channel, and multiple creators take part in the videos. Their channel has received over 85,000 views, and most of the Lucknow’s young population knows them. If you are studying in a BFA College in Lucknow or elsewhere, and want to create an identity of own, then you can follow the same path that these YouTubers did. Just make sure you have unique content to share.

youtuber of lucknow
one of the YouTubers from Lucknow 
  1. UP Waley Laundey

As the name of the channel suggests, the content creators of this channel are Lucknowites, and all their content revolves around Uttar Pradesh (UP). 4 young and creative minds manage this channel. Their videos content is so relatable that no Lucknowite can resist from subscribing to their channel. If you want to know about the lives of Lucknowite’s in a fun way, then you should check this channel.

  1. Sharma ji Vlogs

He is a pretty new YouTuber, but his content doesn’t look like of an amateur. Arpit Sharma, the man behind Sharma ji Vlogs, is Lucknow’s own Viner. He uses his phone to record and edit the videos before the final upload. Both the quality and content of his videos have managed to please people. He is increasingly becoming a well-known name in the community of Lucknow-based YouTubers.

  1. Jade

This channel is owned by Poorvi Naithani, a young Lucknow-based girl. She is a fabulous singer, and her talent brought her singing opportunities from some of the coolest places in the city. She mostly sings songs from the international label, but it is expected that she will start uploading Bollywood songs too. Apart from her flawless singing skills, she is also a renowned fashion blogger from Lucknow. If you love music, then you should subscribe to her channel. Knowlege of these matters can be obtained from BBA colleges in Lucknow as well.

A noted Youtuber from Lucknow
Youtuber from Lucknow

Isn’t it amazing to see so many youngsters striving hard to create a mark for self? These YouTubers from Lucknow have already showcased their talent. Are you ready to do the same? Whether you study in a BFA College in Lucknow or elsewhere, YouTube is a platform open for all. You can follow all the other YouTubers mentioned above to get an idea of what type of content they create. If you have the spark in you, then let your talent do the talking.

This is a guest post by Niharika Gupta.

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