Top 10 Places To Hang Out In Lucknow with your friends

If you are a true Lucknowite, for instance, a student of B.Com College in Lucknow, then you should know that Lucknow is not limited to Bara Imambara, Chowk, Rumi Darwaza, and other historical attractions. This city has many hidden gems too. A list of the best hangout places has been compiled to help you decide your next meet-up spot.

Lucknow is a beautiful city that is packed with amazing hangout places. Be it an awesome café or a place offering a picturesque view- you can find everything in this city of mannerism and etiquettes. The city of nawabs makes sure that its people never run out of amazing places to visit. Whether you are planning to catch up with your whole gang this coming weekend or deciding on a romantic date place to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend- Lucknow has something in store for all of you.

1.  Marine Drive

The first thing that comes on the mind after hearing “Marine Drive” is Mumbai. Apart from Luckowites, most people belonging to other cities don’t even know that there is a marine drive in Lucknow too. It is the most visited places by the locals of all age groups. Adjacent to the river Gomti, this picturesque long strip of road offers a calm ambiance. Garden benches are installed along the paths, so you can take your girlfriend or boyfriend for the much-required “We” time. You can also spot many students roaming there from the B.Com College in Lucknow and other educational institutes too. The sunset at Marine Drive is worth your time. The ornamental plants and beautifully illuminating lights along the pathway will ensure your day ends on a sweet note.

marine drive Lucknow
Marine Drrive Lucknow

2. Ganj Side Area

The Hazratganj or the Park Avenue of Lucknow is Lucknowite’s favorite place. This is a shopping area that is always bustling with people. The best part of this area is that it offers something for everyone. Shopping complexes, movie theatres, restaurants, hotels- everything is located in Hazratganj. You can spend good time with your friends in the ganj area without getting bored.

hazratganj in the city of Nawabs
Hazratganj in the city of Nawabs

3. Homey’s

Lucknow has many cafés, and each of them is different in their own way. What separates Homey’s from other cafés is the kind of food and pleasing ambiance it offers. The rustic wall, pictures/sketches of famous movie and sports stars, unusual seating arrangement, and lip-smacking food are some of the highlights of Homeys that attract so many people each day. You can often find students of B.Com College in Lucknow chilling in this café. This place is perfect for both a romantic date and a casual hangout with friends.

homey's cafe lucknow
Homey’s Cafe Lucknow

4. Anandi Water Park

It is one of the best and biggest water parks in Lucknow. If you are a student in one B.Com College in Lucknow and are bored of cafes, marine drive area, watching movies, and other usual stuff, then Anandi water park can make your day. Different water rides, loud music, good food, and many fun-filled activities make Anandi Water Park a must-visit place for Lucknowites.

Anadi water park Lucknow
Anadi water park Lucknow

5. Janeshwar Mishra Park

This urban park is Asia’s largest garden. The clam and pleasing ambiance it provides makes it an ideal place for couples. If you find it difficult to talk with your loved one in a crowded café or any other place, then the Janeshwar Mishra Park is the best place for you two. If you just want to spend some quality time with your friends away from the hustle bustle of the city, then also this eco-friendly park can be considered.

Janeshwar Mishra Park Lucknow
Janeshwar Mishra Park Lucknow

6. Neelansh

This is a one-stop solution for all your hangout problems. You can arrange a full one-day visit with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.  The exciting theme park rides, beautiful resorts, and adventure activities will ensure that your visit becomes a memorable and fun-filled one. If you study in the B.Com College in Lucknow or any other educational institute, then you can plan an overnight stay at Neelansh too with your whole friends’ circle.

Neelansh Lucknow
Neelansh Lucknow

7. Eco Garden

The Eco Garden or Eco Park is a famous tourist attraction of Lucknow. Be it friends or boyfriend/girlfriend- everyone wants to hang out at a place that offers both a comfortable sitting facility and a calm surrounding. The beautiful architecture, water fountains, bronze animal figures, and rock garden are some of the highlights of the eco garden. The surroundings and aura of this place can easily rejuvenate your senses. So visiting this place either alone or with your loved one is highly recommended.

Eco Garden Lucknow
Eco Garden Lucknow

8. Elev8

You must have visited several happening discotheques in Lucknow, but did you ever grooved to the beats in a silent disco? Elev8 is a one-of-its-kind book cafe-cum-silent discotheque that is becoming the new hangout place for many youngsters and couples. The rooftop arrangement of Elev8 makes it a perfect place for chilling with your loved ones. From the food to the décor- you will love everything about this place.

elev8 Lucknow book cafe
elev8 Lucknow book cafe

9. Nawabgunj Bird Sanctuary

As the name clearly points out, it is a place for bird lovers. However, many people visit the Nawabgunj bird sanctuary for picnics too. A lot of Lucknowites visit this place on weekends. If you want to plan your next friend’s meet in nature’s lap, then the Nawabgunj bird sanctuary is the perfect place. If you and your troop are lucky, then you can spot beautiful migratory birds too.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

10. Shahi Baoli

One of the oldest architectural constructions in Lucknow, the Shahi Baoli is an underrated place. The unique design and the calm surrounding attract the locals to visit this place quite often. However, it doesn’t witness the desired number of visits by the youth as it should. If you want a place where you can sit and talk to your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend for hours, then the Shahi Baoli deserves your attention.

Shahl Baoli Lucknow
Shahl Baoli Lucknow

Whether you study in the College in Lucknow or elsewhere, the list shared above is sure to add some interesting new names in your hangout list. If you think apart from the places mentioned above, there are other worth-mentioning hangout spots too, then do leave a comment below.

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