Top 10 New Ways Of Proposing Every Love-Bird Should Know

Taking that big step requires a lot of courage, preparation, and confidence. It all becomes necessary, especially when you start to feel butterflies the moment you see your special someone. No one would want to make the mistake of following the age-old way of proposing that doesn’t even go well in most of the situations today. If you are studying in a B.Com college in Lucknow or any other college, then you must have seen your batch-mates proposing their love and receiving mixed responses.

Well, no one wants to hear a “No,” so try to propose in a unique way that makes the other person say a yes from their heart. After surveying a lot of students from the BJMC, BBA, B.Com College in Lucknow, and others, it was found that their proposal lacked creativity and uniqueness. As 14th February, the official day of love is on its way, many of you must be looking for some new ways to propose your loved one. To make things easy for you, a list of creative and new ways of proposing has been compiled that is sure to change the relationship status of many.

Check it out and use the one that appeals the most to you.

1. Arrange a scavenger hunt

It is one of the best ways to impress and surprise the love of your life in a unique way. Prepare a list giving hints to the other person to guess and find the hidden things. Make sure this scavenger hunt ends at you. Using the given clues, your special someone should find you sitting on one knee. You can carry flowers while kneeling down for him or her.

scavenger hunt - latest way of proposing in lucknow
scavenger hunt – latest way of proposing

2. Use a pet

Who doesn’t love those adorable furry friends? If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves pets, then this has to be the ultimate proposing way. Get a cute puppy and tie a super romantic letter or a recorded message to his collar. Let them find the note or recording surprisingly while playing with the puppy. You can use any pet animal for this purpose.

pets can help express love
you can use pets to express your love

3. Get a custom coffee mug

If your partner’s day doesn’t start and end without a cup of coffee, then this unique idea is sure to help you. Get a custom coffee mug designed for your better half. Make sure it looks like a regular coffee mug from the outside. Ask the vendor for a custom coffee mug that has a special message engraved at the bottom. Fill the mug with coffee, and wait till you see the surprised reaction when your girlfriend or boyfriend reads it surprisingly.

coffee mug customized for proposal
custom coffee mug that can be used for the perfect date

4. Walk down the memory lane

Couples that have been together for long, and want to take the next big step should plan an unforgettable proposal. You can make a special video that depicts the whole journey of your relationship, and add some exciting elements in between. If not video, you can consider making a photo album that has photos arranged in chronological order. Don’t forget to add the romantic proposal at the end.

Albums or pictures of time spent together can help

5. Jigsaw puzzle

Keeping the person excited till the end adds a different spark all together. Call the person to a café, park or any place that suits both of you, and ask him or her to complete the jigsaw puzzle. You can get a customized jigsaw puzzle that adds up to convey your desired message. The person won’t be just happy to complete the task, but will also be amused to read the message on it.

jigsaw puzzle for proposing V-Day
Using Jigsaw puzzle for proposing

6. Concert proposal

As it is February, several concerts might be organized for the Valentine week. You can get in touch with the organizers, and ask them to make a special announcement between the event. While you both might be busy enjoying the concert, the sudden announcement is sure to come as an unforgettable surprise for the other person. It will also make your loved one feel special and take him or her to the next happiness level.

concert proposal valentine
concert proposal on V Day

7. Unforgettable DJ night

If you two love to groove to the DJ beats, then try this proposal method. You need to make the arrangements in advance. Select a good place that has your favorite DJ. Contact the management or the DJ itself, and ask them to play a romantic number while dedicating it to your love. Tell them to stop the music after that romantic track, so that you can speak your heart out in front of the crowd. Your special someone is going to love this proposal, and it is hard for anyone to resist such proposals.

dj night proposal on valentine's week
dj night proposal on valentine’s week

8. Glow-in-the-dark stickers

The glow-in-the-dark stickers are commonly available in most of the places. You can buy them in bulk, and use them to write your proposal on the ceiling or wall. This can be done at your house, a common friend’s house or any place that is comfortable to both. Turn off the lights, and let the stickers speak.

glow-in-dark stickers
glow-in-dark stickers can work wonders when it comes to proposing

9. Fill a room with balloons and photo memories

Whether it is a boy or a girl; everyone loves surprises. Make special arrangements using candles, flowers, candid pictures, and any other item that adds up to the romantic setup. If you are currently studying in a B.Com College in Lucknow or any other place, then ask your close college friends to help you with the setup. When the love of your life enters the room with a special arrangement, go down on your knees and speak your heart out. Create a magical moment for him or her that is hard to resist.

photo memories for Valentine's Day
valentine’s day photo memories – cool new way of proposing to your loved one

10. A surprise gift basket

Surprise gifts can lighten up anyone’s day. Get a beautiful gift basket and fill it with all the goodies that your boyfriend or girlfriend loves. Write a special love note at the bottom of the gifts that catch his or her attention by the look of it. Instead of writing a direct love note, you can place the scavengers hunt list in the gift basket.

People spend days and even months thinking of a special way to propose their loved one. We have just made things easier for you. Whether you are studying in the B.Com College in Lucknow or any other educational institute, the ways shared above are sure to get you a “YES.”

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