How to become student in the best BFA course in Lucknow

A degree in fine arts can open the door for a person to pursue a career as a writer, art teacher, fine artist, actor or perhaps an art director. Those who complete the best BFA course in Lucknow have the option to go for a major in graphic design, painting, photography, ceramics, creative writing, photography, theatre or maybe some other branch of fine arts.

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best fine arts college in India student work

It must be noted that those who graduate from the top BFA college in Lucknow with BFA degree complete a curriculum that comprises of two-thirds of arts classes. This could be either in writing or visual arts. A BFA course with an arts major comprises of a program that includes one-thirds of arts classes.

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Why management is still a respected profession in India in 2019

As per the opinion of the best BBA colleges in Lucknow, the advantage of going for a degree in business management allows a person to develop a matured understanding of the business process and the business organization. The course provides a niche specific knowledge of the various marketing sectors like operations, communication, finance, customer handling, market analysis, business policy & strategy and so on.

best bba colleges in Lucknow enjoying
best bba colleges in lucknow students enjoying

The top BBA colleges in Lucknow strongly feel that that the management schools are a practical option for those who want to improve their job prospective and for this reason management courses carry a different respect than the rest.

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Why digital marketing is better than traditional advertising

The following are the main reasons why more and more marketers around the world are increasingly turning to the digital medium:

Less expensive: Digital is clearly less expensive. One can easily get a high return on investment or ROI because the cost per conversion is much lower. This makes the digital platforms far more cost-effective, as you will learn from the faculty members at any of the top B.Com, BJMC or BBA colleges in Lucknow.

comparison of traditional vs digital marketing
traditional versus digital marketing cost comparison

Reach is higher: The reach of any campaign through the digital platforms is also much higher. It is therefore possible to reach out to a larger number of potential customers.

Data driven: If you are a marketer, you probably already know the importance of metrics. The entire effort and creativity of your team can make no business sense unless the strategies employed are tied to the business case. This is why tools like Google Analytics can be so useful. Analytical tools are really useful for giving insights about the consumer base, including their demographic profiles, their online behaviour including purchase activity and the kind of technologies they use for accessing the digital assets. Continue reading “Why digital marketing is better than traditional advertising”

New Career Choices for BBA Graduates in 2019

It has been noticed that there has been an inclination among the youngsters to go for management courses after passing higher secondary examination. At least this has been the trend since the last few years as stated by the best BBA colleges in Lucknow. This has happened primarily because of the new career choices associated with a BBA degree.

The top 5 career options available for BBA students are as follows:

  • College placement – This can be a very production option for those if it can be managed in the area that would suit a person. According to the top BBA college in Lucknow, this can be a very good opportunity for the students to have a hands on practical experience of what happens in the real scenario.

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Top 5 Reasons for doing graduation from BBA college in Lucknow in 2019

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is designed to give a practical experience to students through projects, industrial visits, and interview with the industry experts and many more. The best BBA college in Lucknow ensure that post completing this course the students are either able to secure a job or can start a business of their own.

Given below are the top five reasons for studying BBA:

  • Market requirements – Presently, the Indian market is expanding like anything. The top BBA College in Lucknow have found that not only are the existing companies expanding but there are new start-ups coming up as well. Both these categories of set-up are in need of people who have sound knowledge about business. In fact, the preference is for people who are experts in operations.

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Looking for the best honours colleges in Lucknow? Here are the top few…

  1. B.Com is a good course for career perspective. There are many options for honours colleges in Lucknow. It has a number of colleges offering a wide range of professional degrees, diplomas and many other special courses. Commerce Colleges in Lucknow is always in demand and next to science as preferred by most students. Here is a list of top 5 best honours colleges in Lucknow:
mass communication BJMC course
Best B.Com Honours college in Lucknow – Techno | Students are taught all the basics from scratch

CTC-Colvin Taluqdars College

Colvin Taluqdars’ College in Lucknow is one of the oldest public schools in India. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. The college has produced 100% pass in ICSE, and ISC both in the session 2010 which is a record since the opening of ISC in the school in 1983. Continue reading “Looking for the best honours colleges in Lucknow? Here are the top few…”

Techno students study for Up B.ED Entrance Exam lucknow univ

Have you registered yet for B.Ed Entrance Examination Lucknow University 2019?

Lucknow University B.Ed Admissions 2019

If you are keen on becoming a teacher, you would definitely want to do a B.Ed from Lucknow University. After all, this examination is absolutely essential in order to secure a berth in one of best colleges for B.Ed in Lucknow. But do you know all the details? You should know this without fail, so that you can get registered for the B.Ed Entrance Examination Lucknow University 2019 in time. There should be no delay of any sort from your end in this respect.
B.Ed UP Lucknow University
B.Ed exam Lucknow University UP
There are a number of things that you need to remember when it comes to the B.Ed entrance exam Lucknow University.

1. Eligibility
2. Important Dates
3.How to Apply
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Graduated from BJMC College in Lucknow? Here’s a list of top media companies you should apply to!

BJMC candidates have a plethora of opportunities to be taken up in the job sector and hence the first and foremost thing which they should have is clarity of their preferred domain. While pursuing the degree from a BJMC College in Lucknow, students should be select whether they want to be a part of the electronic, print, audio visual or the advertising media. It will enable them to sync their job search accordingly and get the best job after they graduate. Some of the best media companies where BJMC graduates can opt for a job are mentioned below-

bcom students studying lucknow
bcom college lucknow students

Hindustan Times

This is one of the largest English daily newspapers that circulate all over the country and a huge reader base. There is a huge requirement for jobs in this company due to the massive scale in which it operates. Apart from the daily, it has supplements such as Brunch, HT City, HT Cafe, HT Education and Shine Jobs Continue reading “Graduated from BJMC College in Lucknow? Here’s a list of top media companies you should apply to!”

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Applying to top BJMC College in Lucknow? Keep these 6 things in mind…

When on the lookout for a good college for graduating, it becomes a huge task because of the huge options that are available. It becomes really tough to identify top BJMC College in Lucknow because of the stiff competition amongst each of the educational institutions. However, there are certain things which you should keep in mind and look for while selecting a college. In this blog, we list the top 6 factors which make a college worthy and a perfect selection for your dream career-

  • You should have a clear idea of which stream in media or journalism you want to pursue. Photography, Videography, Journalism, Writer all of these fall under the broad spectrum of media and hence it is your responsibility to know which stream you want to opt and then start the search. It will help you get the best professors and guidance according to your area of interest.

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6 reasons why a BJMC course from Lucknow University will help in 2019

Media is a domain that is constantly growing and has evolved a lot in the past few years. BJMC course from Lucknow University is in immense demand these days due to the booming career prospect. If you plan to be in the media industry then this is high time to venture into the course and emerge as a professional from any of the reputed colleges. 6 reasons why a BJMC course assures you a better career are mentioned below-

  • If you pursue BJMC course from Lucknow University, by no means it refers that the career options are limited to only journalism. Media has expanded its wings immensely and there are various media houses which you can opt to get a job. It is a fact that the industry is booming and hence in need of professionals who can further brighten the domain.

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