How to choose the best BBA college in Lucknow

Management courses are still considered very useful because they can catapult one’s career up the ladder of growth and success. In a country where there are a thousand contenders for every job, it is becoming increasingly important to stamp one’s authority with a qualification that makes one stand out from the crowd. In order to beat the competition, it is no longer enough to just have a run-of-the-mill degree. It is necessary to choose your college wisely. One should avoid following misguiding advice. Just because a BBA college in Lucknow charges very high fees does not necessarily mean that it offers the best education.

It is quite possible that the exorbitant fees are justified merely on the basis of hype generated in the media, including college listing websites and review magazines on higher education. However, much of this hype may be the result of sponsored reviews that only show the college in a positive light. The hype may not be based on a factual evaluation of the quality of education imparted, nor of the quantum of placements secured in top MNCs.

So what should a student do under the circumstances? They should read between the lines and cross-check information before believing them. Suppose a college in Lucknow is asking for 4 lakh fees for a graduate course in management, like BBA. The question here is: would it be justified to pursue a course that is so costly, if you get a job that gives a salary of 3 lakh per annum? Would you rather not get admitted in a BBA college in Lucknow with much lesser fees?

As that would only increase the return on investment? Since you aspire to become a top-notch manager some day, you should definitely be having a thought process along these lines. You are expected to know better than to fall in the trap of misleading advertisements by unscrupulous colleges that aim to hoodwink young people like you instead of giving sound advice.

Ask the current and past students

So how should you choose your college? Well, the answer is simple really. Don’t rely on just what the colleges are saying about themselves but also on feedback from ex-students. You will surely find that many of the ex-students and even current students of colleges have strong opinions about their respective colleges. You should get in touch personally with as many of these current and past students as possible to get first-hand, insider information. The colleges that give good placements will undoubtedly leave a good impression in the minds of the students. So if on asking for feedback you get good reviews, you can rest assured that the BBA college in Lucknow has done a good job since otherwise students would not have been so satisfied. These students are after all not paid agents but are speaking from their hearts, which makes them more credible as sources of information.

If possible, arrange a campus visit but not a guided tour

You should always believe what your eyes see. Do not rely entirely even on the information shared by current or past students, let alone just advertisements. If you want to know what the campus environment is like, you should take the permission of the head of admissions and pay a visit. Just have a casual stroll around the campus to see how peaceful the ambiance is. After all, you should enroll yourself in a college where there is a congenial atmosphere for studying and professional training. You would not want to spend too much money behind a college that does not take academics seriously. If on your visit you see that during class hours, most students are roaming within the campus, it would not be too wrong to suggest that academics is not given too much importance in the BBA college in Lucknow. If possible, try to attend an ongoing seminar, again, only if you get the green signal to do the same. This should give a sneak-peak into the academic culture of the institution.

Talk to faculty members

What is it that faculty members are most interested in? They are always keen on developing their knowledge base in their respective areas of research. This is why a good and healthy student-faculty relationship can really benefit the student community, as this interaction is likely to enrich their understanding of each subject. You should therefore try to speak to some of the faculty members in the BBA colleges in Lucknow during the admission season. Many colleges offer the opportunity to reach out to the lecturers. They can offer guidance and advice to the young minds. You can also use this as a chance to understand if the faculty members are approachable or not. If they are not too friendly, you might want to reconsider your decision to apply in that college.

Read Online Reviews

The internet is the best place for carrying out casual research and there is no exception in this regard when it comes to finding out what people are saying about a college. Just keep the points that are important to you handy, so that you don’t have any difficulty accessing the information. You should read what people are saying about the college’s faculty and infrastructure. These are the two most important aspects of any college. But one must not forget to enquire about people’s perception about placements secured by the college.

Try to get pinpointed information – for instance, if you are applying for BBA (Marketing), then you should try to find out how many students from that particular specialization got jobs in good companies. Such data is usually available in the form of a table, where all the information is arranged according to the years. The packages offered to the students of the BBA college in Lucknow should also be checked out to see if the expenses behind the course will be worth it.

The reviews can be found in many forms on the internet. You can get them through Google My Business reviews. Don’t just go by the number of stars offered. There are some misleading reviews as well, possibly written by paid agents of colleges. These reviews either contain excessive praise for a certain college or overtly critical reviews. Both of these extreme reviews should be taken with more than a pinch of salt. It is possible that irresponsible students who never took their studies seriously had written the negative reviews. Sometimes, even other colleges can pay random individuals to write negative reviews about their competitors.

Check out their website

How is the website of the college you are looking to work in? Does it contain all the important information? Does it show a sign of maturity and finesse that a management institution should have? The website is no longer a medium of communication, it is probably the most important one today. If a BBA college in Lucknow does not take the website seriously, how on earth is it going to ensure that its students get placed in good companies? I mean, it is all related, is it not? A college that does not understand the value of marketing communications will probably fail to attract the attention of top companies. No company would want to hire candidates from a college that cannot even maintain a top-notch website. And consequently, no student would want to enroll in such a college either.

Check out their social media handle

A college that intends to get its students placed in good companies will certainly invest time and money on their social media pages, be it Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. If you have narrowed down on some colleges, you should make it a point to visit these pages and see the kind of engagement that the pages are able to garner on a regular basis.

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