Top 5 Fashion Trends Among Lucknow Boys And Girls

Lucknowites possess a distinct fashion sense, and the same can be identified through their fashion bloggers’ posts and the local peoples dressing. Though the world of fashion has a lot to offer, young boys and girls have to be selective with what they wear, especially when they are college going students. You cannot wear flashy clothes to the BBA College in Lucknow, so finding something that is fashionable and sober becomes the main concern for them.

As this nawabi city has a lot of fashionistas, addressing the top 5 fashion trends prevalent among the young population was not difficult. Let’s take a look at all those 5 fashion trends.

  1. Blue jeans with comfortable fitting

Today most of the people wear blue jeans with the best matching top wear for college. This trend is followed by both girls and boys. A pair of blue jeans that is both comfortable and has the right fit can act as the striking feature of your overall appearance. You can see students of BBA College in Lucknow pairing it with different t-shirts, shirts, cape, jackets, and many other top wear.

  1. Cotton tees and tops

You cannot look fashionable in anything if you are not comfortable wearing it. Lucknowites know this very well; hence they have included some simple yet chic cotton tops and tees in their college wardrobe. During winters, these tops are layered with jackets or sweaters.

  1. Sneakers

No girl would want to wear hills to college, as comfort is the top priority when dressing for college. Flat heels and wedges are an option too, but when it comes to smooth walking without hurting your feet, then sneakers is the best option. It is the reason why boys and most of the girls can be seen wearing sneakers. If you ever roam around BBA College in Lucknow, then this particular trend can easily be spotted.

  1. Accessories

The college-going girls of Lucknow are mostly spotted carrying bags that are both spacious and trendy. They also wear a simple watch that adds to their look. A watch, bag, and earrings are the most common accessories carried by Lucknow girls. Boys, on the other hands, usually wear a watch and shades.

  1. Stylish Kurtis

Girls get the benefit of choosing the best and most elegant clothing from an extensive fashion range. While most of the boys have to settle for jeans and shirts/t-shirts for college; the girls enjoy different outfit types. Kurti is an ethnic fashion variant that makes the woman look their best. You can spot many girls from the BBA College in Lucknow wearing beautiful Kurtis of different style and pattern.

If you are a college going student too, then you should take note of all the points shared above. When most of the Lucknow girls and boys have joined the fashion bandwagon, make sure you are not left behind. These simple yet eye-catchy fashion trends are enough to make you noticeable in your college.

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