Best Job Sites for Bachelor in Mass Communication in Lucknow

Being a student of bachelor in mass communication in Lucknow, jobs are an important aspect of the entire course. It is touted as a professional course and hence the students are oriented towards jobs right from the beginning. If you are someone who is looking for a job then it is essential to make sure that you take help from the best job sites that will help in the best possible way. In this blog, we list some of the best job sites that will help you get that perfect dream job –

It is one of the leading job sites and has helped thousands of students get the best suited job for them. After completion of bachelor in  mass communication in Lucknow you can upload your CV in this site and wait for relevant jobs to come at your dashboard. The site is well optimised for your job search as it also helps the students to get better salary trends and industry specific job suggestions. Regular job alerts can also be enabled if you want to stay updated.

top colleges for journalism Lucknow
Best media colleges in India

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All the details you wanted to know about BFA

What career option I can go after BFA 2019

Today, the opportunities in Fine arts are increasing at a rapid rate in the various sectors.

Presently, to obtain excellent salary, popularity and prestige, youth population of India are getting attracted to this field.

After completing graduation, students have a choice to work as an art teacher, artist in government offices or photographer. You can also start your career as a freelance worker & go for direction, clothing, photography, television and fashion.

Fine arts students of Techno Lucknow
Techno Fine arts students showcase their work

You can also pursue careers in academia, architecture and the film industry. You can join creative departments of magazines, advertising agencies, and newspapers in the publishing or the textile industry.

Fine art graduates may also apply for mainstream graduate employment and training in a broad range of industries, for example, banking, art gallery, insurance, media and public relations.

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Looking to start your own business? Here are 4 things you need to bear in mind

India has become the hub of entrepreneurship in recent years. This is evident from the fact that a large number of startups have started cropping up in different parts of the country, by people who want to start their own business. These startups are often headed by people who failed to make a mark as employees of different private companies despite having the thirst for success and growth. One of the great advantages of a country like India is that there is no dearth of talent.

In fact, India is like a giant volcano, which keeps erupting every now and then, only to spread its lava in the form of brilliant young individuals. But the existing job market does not have enough opportunities for the youth brigade, which is why we keep seeing the youth taking initiative and surging ahead in life through their own business ventures. This is true for youth graduating from many of the best management institutes in the country as well. If you are one of those talented individuals in your 20’s looking to start something new of your own, you should read on to learn some of  the tried and tested methods that have yielded great results for the most successful entrepreneurs of this country.
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Top 11 colleges with best fests in India

College life is all about fun, glamour, fashion, frolic, enjoyment and tough semesters for the youngsters. Fests in colleges are huge events for the students as they get to enjoy to the fullest during the fest and have a gala time. Right from the perfect music to the crazy dancing, a college fest easily makes as one of the top moments of one’s entire college life. Here’s a list of top 10 colleges with best fest in India

1.     Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

This fest needs no introduction as sit is one of its largest kinds in the entire Asia. Students from around 1500 colleges come to the fest every year. The date for this fest is December 26-29 this year. It gets considerable

best college fest in india
best college fest in IIT Bombay

amount of media attention and huge sponsorships from companies round the globe. Popular performers such as Zakir Hussain, Hariharan, DJ Lyod and Asha Bhonsle too have performed in this fest. There are also theatre fests along with music and dance competition. To sum it up, it has everything to make it one of the best college fests in India.

2.     Saraang, IIT Madras   

This is a 5 day long fest help at IIT Madras, now Chennai. It has a wide range of performers coming and displaying their expertise. Various dance and music competition takes place in this fest which brings it to number 2 spot on the list. Every year there are 50,000 footfalls for the fest from students all over the country. Choreo night, an inter college dance competition organised here is known as the biggest in the entire South India, making it a rightful part of the list of best college fests in India.

awesome college fest in india
top college fest in IIT Madras


Antarang is a cultural fest organized in one of India’s leading upcoming colleges, Techno Group of Institutions, based in Lucknow. TGI’s fest Antarang is noted for the variety in its programs, ranging from cultural to business oriented programs and contests to a high profile ramp walk for the fashionistas in the college. The youthful energy and dynamism is most palpable during  the best college fests in India. From music to dancing to interesting quizzes, one will find everything in this fest. If you wish to experience the adrenaline pumping fest experience, you must set foot on Techno’s sprawling campus during the month of February when Antarang is organized.

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Top 11 colleges with best campuses in India

Top 10 colleges with best campuses in India

College life, for everyone, is one of the most happening periods of life! The whole campus of the college has a bunch full of memories for each of the student. Right from the corridors where you chased your crush or to those secluded areas in the campus where you stayed low to avoid boring lectures. Campuses are meant to be a wholesome package for each and every student. In this blog, we list top 11 colleges with best campuses in India

1.     Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

This college has one of the most appealing college campuses in the entire country. The 700 acre campus is located on the banks of Brahmaputra River and is surrounded by hills which further enhance the scenic beauty. Lush green surrounds along with shapely carved out lanes in the middle make this a treat to the eyes.

2.     Indian institute of Science, Bangalore

This campus is amidst lush green field and forest at a height of 942 meters. It is located at the highest point of Bangalore and the gothic architecture of the college built in 1899 is a sheer delight for the students.

3.     Techno Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow

Techno in Lucknow has one of the best campuses in the country. This management college offering great placements has also attracted students over the years for having a lush green campus with large playgrounds and a plot that sprawls over acres. This makes Techno one of the must-visit campuses in the country.
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Fine arts colleges at a time of convergence of art and technology

Fine arts colleges in era of digital convergence

We live in an age where technology is slowly taking over all forms of communication. Art has truly had a hegemonic influence on society. Art is closely being related to digital means and both are quite often seen converging as a part of the influence of the latter. Fine arts colleges in India are making sure that they ready their students in a way that they can perform and adapt to the fast changing trends of the digital scenario.

  • Subjects which are institutional in nature often do not fit in the age of digitization and hence they have to reposition themselves. This is leading to a loss of the art and its qualitative measure.
fine arts degree course Lucknow
Fine arts work by Techno students Lucknow
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10 top study tips for students to bid goodbye to exam worries

The final exam makes up for most part of the total marks that a student has to score. With such a vital tag to it, students still keep making mistakes that are silly and needs to be rectified. In this blog, we provide you top 10 study tips for students which will help them score better and enable them to revise ell before the exam! Here they are-

Know your target grades

Just when you open the book, and start reading the night before exam, it all seems so huge to revise that you give up midway. Such procrastination is basically because of the fact that you do not have a target. You should know your potential and understand what the plausible score you can attempt to get is. Once it is set, you can then revise according to it!

If you are considering becoming a professional artist, you should join one of the fine arts courses in India.

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Top 10 emerging careers in journalism in India for BJMC graduates

Communication and journalism is one of the fast growing industries in the country and the potentiality of success is huge for newcomers. If you have opted for bachelors in journalism and mass communication (BJMC) then there are a host of careers in journalism in India which can catch your fancy! Based on your stream of specialisation you can opt for any of those. Top 10 emerging careers in journalism are mentioned below-


Journalism is a broad sector and it can be further classified into two categories-

  • Print journalism
  • Electronic media
mass communication BJMC course
Lucknow BJMC course – the best BJMC courses will prepare students for a career in journalism and advertising

There are a host of opportunities in Print journalism-

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Top 10 Reasons For Pursuing Mass Communication Course In 2019!

Are you pursuing a course in Mass communication? Or are you in double minds about it? Well, no matter what situation you are in right now we will be able to help you with the correct decision we believe.

Of course, you must understand that Mass communication and journalism are the best courses right now! The advantages of this course are many. And this is the one real question that many of you want real answers for.

You all may want to know that what are the various advantages of this course that you want to pursue? Well, there are many advantages of course. Let us tell you that what the exact advantages are of pursuing the best mass communication course in Lucknow.Techno media college students

MJMC BJMC Techno college – Students at Techno College Lucknow get full throttle exposure in latest media technologies Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons For Pursuing Mass Communication Course In 2019!”

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Best Career options in India after doing B.Com in 2019

Choosing your career path is one of the toughest yet the vital decision that one cannot ignore. Till your grads you can still relax. But what to do after graduation? Well, now comes the milestone of your life. Besides studying science or arts, most of you choose commerce. May be you love the field or you want to make a mark in the economic and commercial field in the Indian industry. Whatever it be, what matters the most is the job opportunities after B.Com. At the end of the day, everyone looks forward to a secured job and a good life. These two things can only be offered by the career options after B.Com.

college computer lab Techno
Best Lucknow college Techno computer lab

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