Fine arts colleges at a time of convergence of art and technology

Fine arts colleges in era of digital convergence

We live in an age where technology is slowly taking over all forms of communication. Art has truly had a hegemonic influence on society. Art is closely being related to digital means and both are quite often seen converging as a part of the influence of the latter. Fine arts colleges in India are making sure that they ready their students in a way that they can perform and adapt to the fast changing trends of the digital scenario.

  • Subjects which are institutional in nature often do not fit in the age of digitization and hence they have to reposition themselves. This is leading to a loss of the art and its qualitative measure.
fine arts degree course Lucknow
Fine arts work by Techno students Lucknow
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Top 10 emerging careers in journalism in India for BJMC graduates

Communication and journalism is one of the fast growing industries in the country and the potentiality of success is huge for newcomers. If you have opted for bachelors in journalism and mass communication (BJMC) then there are a host of careers in journalism in India which can catch your fancy! Based on your stream of specialisation you can opt for any of those. Top 10 emerging careers in journalism are mentioned below-


Journalism is a broad sector and it can be further classified into two categories-

  • Print journalism
  • Electronic media
mass communication BJMC course
Lucknow BJMC course – the best BJMC courses will prepare students for a career in journalism and advertising

There are a host of opportunities in Print journalism-

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Why Fine Arts Course Students Are In Great Demand In 2019?

Are you interested in making a career out of fine arts? And are people advising you against it? Well, then let us tell you that you need not worry at all. Instead of listening to the others, you can absolutely go by your own choice when it comes to pursuing fine arts course.

You must necessarily understand that this is the 21st century and the choice of making a career of fine arts is just fine. The best FINE ARTS course in Lucknow in fact can help you understand why.

With the fine arts degree the best career options can be yours. Let us tell you that with the changing century the demand of these artists has increased in the market. And this is one trend that will surely grow as well.
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Fine arts course in Lucknow

Best Career options in India after doing B.Com in 2019

Choosing your career path is one of the toughest yet the vital decision that one cannot ignore. Till your grads you can still relax. But what to do after graduation? Well, now comes the milestone of your life. Besides studying science or arts, most of you choose commerce. May be you love the field or you want to make a mark in the economic and commercial field in the Indian industry. Whatever it be, what matters the most is the job opportunities after B.Com. At the end of the day, everyone looks forward to a secured job and a good life. These two things can only be offered by the career options after B.Com.

college computer lab Techno
Best Lucknow college Techno computer lab

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How Freshers Can Crack Job Interviews in 2019

How to crack Job Interviews in India

Job Interview is very important because it connects both the employer and the job seekers. It provides the opportunity to employer to select the right person for the right job as well as to job seekers to present their skills in order to acquire the desired position on merit.

Following are the tips to crack job interviews in India  –

  1. Understand the job requirement – It is very important to understand the desired job profile and identify whether it suits you. Job requirement should match with the strength of an individual as it improves the probability of success.


  1. Handle the Fear of Rejection

    – Self confidence with positive attitude reduces the fear of rejection as no company hire fearful person.


  1. Proper preparation for an interviewJob seekers need to make thorough preparation of an interview questions like introduction , hobbies, strengths and weaknesses and why the company recruit you etc.

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Top courses to pursue while doing BBA degree course in 2019

BBA (Bachelor of business administration) is a management specialization course of the undergraduate level. Like other graduation courses, its duration is 3 years. The course is designed to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the business. This BBA degree course opens avenues in corporate life and it has seen a lot of growth in recent years.

Its eligibility is (10+2) or any equivalent examination from any recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks. Students from any stream can opt for the BBA program.  Job opportunities are increased up to a great extent after completing the course. An attractive career option and good placement in the field of corporate management and business are offered by this program.

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BBA Or B.Com – Which One Should You Choose And Why?

It is a tough time for students after completing their 12th exams. Irrespective of whatever streams they may have studied in, this period gives them all a hard time to make decisions for their possible career scopes. One of the most confusing questions for marketing and commerce aspirants is how to make the choice between BBA and B.Com. Due to certain changes in the economic stature of the nation, the leading institutes have starting providing degree courses in the professional courses like BBA, attracting more aspirants in comparison to B.Com. Let us now take a look into the depths of both the courses and the career options after BBA and B.Com.

Bachelors in Business Management (BBA) – What is it?

The BBA degree is an undergraduate course that lays the foundation for management studies. It is a three year course that can be the best option for someone who is solely interested to be a part of a management sector. This degree course offers thorough knowledge and expertise in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. The main topics covered during the course in the top BBA colleges in Lucknow include Information Technology, Operation Management, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing among many more.

Lucknow college Techno students
studious students of Lucknow college Techno

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Top M.Com Courses in India in 2019

Top 5 Benefits of Doing M.Com in India in 2019

Students looking for a successful career in the corporate world today need to search for the best colleges for M.Com in India. This is because most companies would require top tier managers to take charge of their various projects. The management courses offered by top M.Com institutes in India prepare students for a lot. The M.Com students can then deal with the various aspects of strategic and operational management in different sectors. The key skills that are in great demand in the current job market include the following:

data analytics

search engine optimization

project management

human resource management

recruitment management

digital marketing analytics

& others.

Bcom course BBA Techno
Techno college students

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