Digital Marketing and New Opportunities for Management Graduates

The enormous growth in the digital space is consistently unfolding countless job opportunities for all aspiring students. Sounded and well-reputed BSc college in Lucknow are enforcing on the imperative need to learn digital marketing for all management graduates. With more and more businesses going online, the demand for digital skills is so high that it is creating a massive boom in the job market.

This significant scenario is itself is a testament to the fact that digital marketing has endless avenues for management graduates. Additionally, with this, social media continues to see management graduates who are already designated with prospective job opportunities, making prominent clamor to other aspirants. Continue reading “Digital Marketing and New Opportunities for Management Graduates”

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Why Management Is Still A Respected Profession?

What can a job give you? It gives you money, that’s obvious but what else? There are a lot of things that come with a job; it varies from one designation to another. Being in the management profession has its own benefits and this is why it is still one of the most respected professions. Is this enough reason for you to take admission in the best BBA college in Lucknow?

What Makes People So Much In Love With A Profession In Management?

Have you ever wondered, why top BBA college in Lucknow is revising its admission procedures? Why are BBA colleges finding it hard to accommodate all aspiring BBA students? It is because the numbers of BBA students are swelling with every passing year. Here are some important reasons which will help you to understand why management is still a respected profession, even today. Continue reading “Why Management Is Still A Respected Profession?”

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best BCom college in Lucknow students

Top 5 Reasons To Do Grad from BBA college in Lucknow In 2019

After you are done with school, there is a rush of expectations – you want to reach for the stars, do everything you have read or heard about. But above all, you want to pursue a course that takes you to your goals and often BBA is the first choice. If you too, want to grab a white-collar job then you must find the best BBA college in Lucknow. You have more reasons that you thought you would need, to pursue this discipline.

best bba college in lucknow student
students of best BBA college sitting on the grass

Why Must You Look For The Top BBA College In Lucknow?

BBA is often looked down upon as a clichéd subject, a common choice and hence the scope to excel is assumed to be saturated. However, that’s not the case. BBA is still a preferred choice among the rest. Here are some of the most important reasons which highlight the importance of BBA in 2019. Here’s why you must do this course from the best BBA college in Lucknow in 2019:

best journalism college lucknow university
best BBA college in Lucknow

Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons To Do Grad from BBA college in Lucknow In 2019”

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How to become a teacher in 2019?

One needs to understand that getting into the teaching profession is not for everyone. Going by the lifestyle of a teacher, one might feel that the teaching field is not a high paying one. However, the best BBA college in Lucknow presumes that the teaching profession can be a very rewarding one. In today’s world, a person requires multiple skills to become successful in the class. Therefore, it very essential that before getting into the education sector one must get equipped with certain qualities.

mass communication bachelors degree
Techno is also one of the best BJMC colleges in Lucknow

The step by step guide, as suggested by the BBA College Lucknow University is as described below: Continue reading “How to become a teacher in 2019?”

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Have you registered yet for B.Ed Entrance Examination Lucknow University 2019?

Lucknow University B.Ed Admissions 2019

If you are keen on becoming a teacher, you would definitely want to do a B.Ed from Lucknow University. After all, this examination is absolutely essential in order to secure a berth in one of best colleges for B.Ed in Lucknow. But do you know all the details? You should know this without fail, so that you can get registered for the B.Ed Entrance Examination Lucknow University 2019 in time. There should be no delay of any sort from your end in this respect.
B.Ed UP Lucknow University
B.Ed exam Lucknow University UP
There are a number of things that you need to remember when it comes to the B.Ed entrance exam Lucknow University.

1. Eligibility
2. Important Dates
3.How to Apply
4. Selection Process Continue reading “Have you registered yet for B.Ed Entrance Examination Lucknow University 2019?”

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Techno B.Ed Course Lucknow University

Debating millennial egagement – which side are you on?

Who are the millennials after all?

Much has been said and written about the millennials or Gen Y in recent times. This is not surprising, since India has the largest Gen Y population in the world. Out of the total national population of 1.2 billion, 426 million people are in the age group of 18 to 35, which is roughly the definition of millennials. This is even larger than the 70 million in the United States and 218 million individuals in this age range in China. In fact, a BCG report on the labor market suggests that the vast majority of developed nations have an aging population.

As a result, they would need the younger populace from the developing countries to replace the older lot. This obviously means bigger opportunities for people of countries like India and China which have a large educated and skilled workforce born after 1980. The following graph, based on the BCG labor market report, shows the demographic distribution of the population groups in three different countries.

comparative population of Millennials
population of millennials in India

It should be noted that in India, there is an even larger population who are younger than Gen Y. This translates into recurring opportunities in a job market that is increasingly being tied to those of the biggest economies of the world. The national economy will also benefit from this, as more and more MNCs will keep turning to India to utilize this skilled workforce. A larger number of businesses are expected to crop up in the coming years and the millennials will have to be prepared (perhaps by going to the best colleges?) and geared up for this. The question is: are they?

Continue reading “Debating millennial egagement – which side are you on?”

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Top 5 Colleges for BJMC under Lucknow University

BJMC or Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication is a 3 year program for undergraduates aspiring to be associated with several journalistic as well as mass media professions such as television, newspaper, internet, radio etc. The program also enlightens the aspirants on numerous advancements in technological world as well as keeping updated on various equipments and software involved in enhancing the skills which are required in mass media. In this blog, we list the Top 5 Colleges for BJMC Lucknow University

  1. School of Management Sciences

Situated in Lucknow and established in 2008, School of Management Sciences or SMS have become one of the top ranking colleges under Lucknow University. Despite being established a decade ago this college has cemented its place amongst the top colleges for BJMC Lucknow University due to its unique 3 step placement procedures and the diverse number of 25 courses ranging from Management, B-tech, I.T and Journalism. Fee structures for BJMC are listed as Rs 27,500/- (per semester)

bjmc course Lucknow university
bjmc course in Lucknow – Visit this page to learn how to apply in Techno BJMC course, one of the finest mass comm courses.

Continue reading “Top 5 Colleges for BJMC under Lucknow University”

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DSLR cameras and other media equipment

5 professional skills that top BFA colleges in Lucknow offer

BFA is one such course that has the brightest prospect in the country due to the rise of media house tradition. If you plan to join top BFA colleges in Lucknow then you can rest assured of certain professional skills that will be imbibed within you upon the completion of the course. In this blog, we list top 5 essential professional skills that these top BFA colleges in Lucknow has to offer-

    • A proper communication skill that has the trifecta speaking, hearing and writing is the first and foremost thing that comes up as the essential professional skill. People may think that just a flawless speech makes a person good communicator, it is wring because it has to be backed by good listening and writing capabilities. Students from top BFA colleges in Lucknow receive hands-on training in the latest tools and techniques of fine arts.
    • Fine arts BFA
      Fine arts techniques Lucknow

Continue reading “5 professional skills that top BFA colleges in Lucknow offer”

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Techno Lucknow Fine arts

All the details you wanted to know about BFA

What career option I can go after BFA 2019

Today, the opportunities in Fine arts are increasing at a rapid rate in the various sectors.

Presently, to obtain excellent salary, popularity and prestige, youth population of India are getting attracted to this field.

After completing graduation, students have a choice to work as an art teacher, artist in government offices or photographer. You can also start your career as a freelance worker & go for direction, clothing, photography, television and fashion.

Fine arts students of Techno Lucknow
Techno Fine arts students showcase their work

You can also pursue careers in academia, architecture and the film industry. You can join creative departments of magazines, advertising agencies, and newspapers in the publishing or the textile industry.

Fine art graduates may also apply for mainstream graduate employment and training in a broad range of industries, for example, banking, art gallery, insurance, media and public relations.

Continue reading “All the details you wanted to know about BFA”

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Top 11 colleges having best placements in India

Nowadays, colleges are mushrooming like anything across the country, picking up the one among the colleges for you to take up your studies has become a million dollar question. Job plays an integral role in every human being’s life. But many of them can’t achieve their desired jobs because their colleges don’t provide them proper placements. Before taking the admission, you need to ensure not only the teaching skills and learning opportunities but also the chances of placement from the college. Here is a list of top 11 colleges with the best college placements in India:

1. Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras

According to the NIRF score laid down by the MHRD, IIT Madras leads the list of top best college placements in India. Established in 1959, it is one of the oldest IITs. The institution has an exceptionally excellent placement record, with most of its graduates making it to the top MNCs of the world.

2. Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay:

This IIT stands takes the second place in the list of the colleges with best placements in India. It has a weightage of 87.67. IIT Bombay has a comprehensive graduate program offering doctoral degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In India, IIT Bombay was ranked second among engineering colleges in 2017 by both Outlook India and The Week.

3. Techno Group of Institutions, Lucknow


Techno is one of the leading colleges today in North India, thanks to its great placement records and highly qualified faculty. The superb placement record of this college stands testimony to the effort put in by the teachers and students together to make the institution a shining star in North India. Over the past few years, many of its students have been placed in some of the biggest companies like ICICI, IDBI, Kotak Mahindra, Big Bazaar and other big names in the corporate world. Most of its students take up senior managerial roles upon completion of graduation.

mass communication BJMC course
Techno students receive theoretical as well as practical training that makes them ideal candidates for best placements in the country

Continue reading “Top 11 colleges having best placements in India”

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