Best career options after doing BFA in 2019

Bachelors in Visual Arts (BVA) is a degree course of four years. Visual Arts basically refers to the forms of art such as:- Painting Sculpting Interior decorating Graphic designing and Wall paintings BVA is an emerging career choice of the youth because of the increasing demand of the Visual Artists in today’s market , be it domestic or international – both the platforms serve as a great opportunity for BVA graduates. That is why colleges in India are offering Bachelors of Fine Arts courses.

A question that sticks to the head, is that – WHAT are the career options that put BVA as a choice before all the other courses out there? Well. Here’s the answer you’re looking for:


1) ART GALLERY MANAGER – During this course of four years, students learn not only the techniques and forms of art, but also about the vast market, competitors and the business of art through experience. After completing BVA from any reputed college such as TECHNO GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, LUCKNOW, you can go on to work as a manager in any art gallery around the country, or even better, you can own an art gallery by collaborating with your partners for the BEST kick-start in your career!

2) ART DIRECTOR – Did you ever imagine that BVA is directly linked to the film industry? No? To your surprise, BVA is hugely associated with film making. Visual artists work as Art Directors in movies to create an environment that is relevant to the theme of the movie. The income of art directors increases with each passing day, making THIS career choice one of the best after doing BVA. One should therefore choose the best Bachelors of Fine Arts courses.

3) FULL / PART TIME ARTIST Another glamorous career option for BVA graduates , is to work as a Full / Part time artist , and to sell their artworks online AND offline just by working from their home and selling their art to any person in the world. Art has a humongous worth in international market, and when I say that, I am not talking about hundreds or thousands – rather millions of dollars of international market PER PAINTING! These concepts become clearer upon pursuing the Bachelors of Fine Arts courses.

4) INTERIOR DESIGNERS With the improvement in the living standards of people of the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow , Kolkata , Pune etc , an increasing career opportunity for interior designing has also emerged for BVA graduates. Techno Group of institutions provides a great help to its students in getting placements in the field related to their course, making it the best choice for pursuing BVA.

5) GRAPHIC DESIGNERS – We live in a world where Magazines, Books, Blogs and Advertisements are all around us. Imagine the worth of people working behind all this? Well, visual artists are hired as graphic designers in the multimedia industries as well for a valuable income! Graphic designing is a common choice of the BVA graduates due to its demand in today’s market, which is why Bachelors of Fine Arts courses are common across many colleges.

6) TEACHER / PROFESSOR of BVA – In cities like Lucknow, new institutions are being set up to educate BVA aspirants. These institutions are in regular demand of Visual Artists to work there as teachers. Becoming a teacher of Visual Arts means devoting yourself completely to the field of Arts.

7) FREE LANCING – Don’t want to work under any boss? Well, no worries. The best part about Visual Arts is that you can always pick up Free Lancing as a career choice for yourself, mainly if you hate deadlines or pressures of work. Freelancing gives you your space and time with no external pressure on your head! But before you opt for any of the above career fields, it is very, very important for you to choose the Bachelors of Fine Arts courses from the finest colleges only.

And it is none other than a well reputed private institution in Lucknow city, TECHNO GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. Being a private institution, TECHNO offers special attention towards the education of it’s students and also provides a lot of placement help to all it’s students, becoming one of the best institutions in the country!

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