Looking for an internship after BJMC Course in Lucknow University? Read this first.

If you are pursuing BJMC course in Lucknow University then getting  proper internship is the first thing that should have in your bucket list for the semesters. Interning with top media houses will have a lot of benefits for the students as they will be in the real world workspace scenario for the very first time and hence learn all the office etiquettes through experience. In this blog, we list top reasons why you should intern with media houses while pursuing BJMC are –

  • Interning is a firsthand learning opportunity for the students and it is essential that students who are into media study are associated to companies of the relevant domain. Being in a top media house is hence essential for proper experience and knowledge of the industry so that they can deliver their best when they get a job.
best bjmc course lucknow
top media colleges India – read background of media houses and exact job description before applying

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Pursuing BJMC course in Lucknow University? You need to do these certification courses.

While BJMC course is being pursued by a student, it is essential that they stay well prepared with a host of other attributes that will help them in the professional field. There are certain certification courses that can be pursed while taking up BJMC course in Lucknow University. In this blog we list some of the top certification courses that will help the students to get settled in a better way in their respective careers –

    • Distance MBA courses can be done so as to better strengthen the managerial skills that a person has. While BJMC will allow for the all round development of the person, MBA will make for a while lot of attributes that a person needs to be added while working in the management. Be it finance, Human resource or creative director, having both the course in Kitty will add greater chances to the student’s career choices.

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Techno college library

Best Job Sites for Bachelor in Mass Communication in Lucknow

Being a student of bachelor in mass communication in Lucknow, jobs are an important aspect of the entire course. It is touted as a professional course and hence the students are oriented towards jobs right from the beginning. If you are someone who is looking for a job then it is essential to make sure that you take help from the best job sites that will help in the best possible way. In this blog, we list some of the best job sites that will help you get that perfect dream job –


It is one of the leading job sites and has helped thousands of students get the best suited job for them. After completion of bachelor in  mass communication in Lucknow you can upload your CV in this site and wait for relevant jobs to come at your dashboard. The site is well optimised for your job search as it also helps the students to get better salary trends and industry specific job suggestions. Regular job alerts can also be enabled if you want to stay updated.

top colleges for journalism Lucknow
Best media colleges in India

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mjmc courses in india

Top 5 Colleges for BJMC under Lucknow University

BJMC or Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication is a 3 year program for undergraduates aspiring to be associated with several journalistic as well as mass media professions such as television, newspaper, internet, radio etc. The program also enlightens the aspirants on numerous advancements in technological world as well as keeping updated on various equipments and software involved in enhancing the skills which are required in mass media. In this blog, we list the Top 5 Colleges for BJMC Lucknow University

  1. School of Management Sciences

Situated in Lucknow and established in 2008, School of Management Sciences or SMS have become one of the top ranking colleges under Lucknow University. Despite being established a decade ago this college has cemented its place amongst the top colleges for BJMC Lucknow University due to its unique 3 step placement procedures and the diverse number of 25 courses ranging from Management, B-tech, I.T and Journalism. Fee structures for BJMC are listed as Rs 27,500/- (per semester)

bjmc course Lucknow university
bjmc course in Lucknow – Visit this page to learn how to apply in Techno BJMC course, one of the finest mass comm courses.

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DSLR cameras and other media equipment

5 professional skills that top BFA colleges in Lucknow offer

BFA is one such course that has the brightest prospect in the country due to the rise of media house tradition. If you plan to join top BFA colleges in Lucknow then you can rest assured of certain professional skills that will be imbibed within you upon the completion of the course. In this blog, we list top 5 essential professional skills that these top BFA colleges in Lucknow has to offer-

    • A proper communication skill that has the trifecta speaking, hearing and writing is the first and foremost thing that comes up as the essential professional skill. People may think that just a flawless speech makes a person good communicator, it is wring because it has to be backed by good listening and writing capabilities. Students from top BFA colleges in Lucknow receive hands-on training in the latest tools and techniques of fine arts.
    • Fine arts BFA
      Fine arts techniques Lucknow

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Techno Lucknow Fine arts

All the details you wanted to know about BFA

What career option I can go after BFA 2019

Today, the opportunities in Fine arts are increasing at a rapid rate in the various sectors.

Presently, to obtain excellent salary, popularity and prestige, youth population of India are getting attracted to this field.

After completing graduation, students have a choice to work as an art teacher, artist in government offices or photographer. You can also start your career as a freelance worker & go for direction, clothing, photography, television and fashion.

Fine arts students of Techno Lucknow
Techno Fine arts students showcase their work

You can also pursue careers in academia, architecture and the film industry. You can join creative departments of magazines, advertising agencies, and newspapers in the publishing or the textile industry.

Fine art graduates may also apply for mainstream graduate employment and training in a broad range of industries, for example, banking, art gallery, insurance, media and public relations.

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Best fashion show themes for Indian colleges in 2019

Fashion show has become one of the most common events of the any college’s cultural week. Clothing is naturally the focal point of the Fashion Week shows, but some innovative fashion shows prove that presentation is just as important in selling the garments. Fashion shows are thrilling, but it’s the attention to detail that really makes a show spectacular.  Though the numbers of the fashion themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless here are few ideas of some of the best fashion show themes:

  1. Theme nature:

The “theme nature” can be a unique and innovative fashion show theme. The garments of the models participating in this theme can be designed in accordance with the colour and prints of the various seasons of the nature. The runway show can be choreographed as the sequence of the seasons and the garment should be designed according to the rotation all the six seasons. All the colours and prints and designs of the clothes resembling the characteristics of the individual season could add a unique touch to the theme and can become one of the best fashion show themes.

good looking boys and gals in Lucknow
pretty faces can be seen all over Lucknow, in colleges like Techno. If you are a boy or gal looking for glamour, Lucknow is indeed becoming the new hotbed for the same.
  1. Rock and Roll

The theme “Rock n Roll” can be a very popular fashion show theme and it has to eventually give way to more contemporary, creative and ethnic themes. Loud, attractive, vibrant, trendy and loads of attitude are the underlying elements to a rock n roll theme based fashion show.
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Techno students BBA PGDM BCom BFA BJMC

Top 5 apps for Business School Students in 2019

Exponential growth of number of business organizations and their continued requirement of trained people in functional areas like Marketing, Finance etc have resulted in continuous growth of MBA aspirants, particularly in India. Chalkboards and boring decimal system of education have become obsolete these days. All these have been now replaced by modern technologies, including best apps for business school students.

A smartphone, tablet or laptops have become an essential part of every students’ day to day lives and many out there can’t even think of a single day without these technologies. Apart from various basic software like Microsoft word or chrome, there are numerous other essential tools that can help increase productivity, organize documents, and more. If you are looking for the best BJMC college in Lucknow,  you should look to take admission in institutes that use some of these great apps. Learning should always be fun, which is why use of these apps in BCom Honors colleges in Lucknow is a must.

campus wifi Techno students
Techno college Lucknow students use latest technologies to meet their learning needs

Here are examples of some best apps for business school students:


One reason a lot of people do not want to pursue a business degree is because of their fear of mathametics.  It really requires some bravery and self-confidence to enter the realm of Accounting and Finance. Quickbooks app is here to help as it can create invoices, show profits and losses, and also assist in many other ways for the financial projects. It also manages expenses and cash flows. Not only is it superior to Excel but also a great tool for learning the real world applications.
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Top 5 entrepreneur success stories from India

The business world might appear buttoned-down from the outside – but in reality, it’s a lot more interesting than you might realize. Many entrepreneurs are known for being colorful characters, both at work and in their personal lives. Given the unusual lifestyle of an entrepreneur, and that so many are fueled by the promise of wild riches, it comes as no surprise that many start up founders share inspiring stories about overcoming adversity. After all, following rules and staying inside the lines doesn’t often make for business success!

Here Are top 5 Indian entrepreneurs success stories:

Patricia Narayan: She started her career 30 years ago as an entrepreneur, selling eateries from a mobile cart on the Marina beach fighting against all odds —battling a failed marriage, coping with her husband, a multiple addict, and taking care of two kids. Today, she has overcome all the hurdles and owns a chain of restaurants.

entrepreneur from india Patricia Narayan
entrepreneur from india Patricia Narayan

 Dhiru Bhai Ambani- Dhirubhai Ambani started his entrepreneurial career by selling “bhajias” to pilgrims in Mount Girnar over the weekends. After doing his matriculation, Dhirubhai worked as a gas-station attendant, and as a clerk in an oil company. He returned to India in 1958 and set up a textile trading company. In 1992, Reliance became the first Indian company to raise money in global markets. Reliance also became the first Indian company to feature in Forbes 500 list.

Dhirubhai Ambani
India’s best entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani

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Looking to start your own business? Here are 4 things you need to bear in mind

India has become the hub of entrepreneurship in recent years. This is evident from the fact that a large number of startups have started cropping up in different parts of the country, by people who want to start their own business. These startups are often headed by people who failed to make a mark as employees of different private companies despite having the thirst for success and growth. One of the great advantages of a country like India is that there is no dearth of talent.

In fact, India is like a giant volcano, which keeps erupting every now and then, only to spread its lava in the form of brilliant young individuals. But the existing job market does not have enough opportunities for the youth brigade, which is why we keep seeing the youth taking initiative and surging ahead in life through their own business ventures. This is true for youth graduating from many of the best management institutes in the country as well. If you are one of those talented individuals in your 20’s looking to start something new of your own, you should read on to learn some of  the tried and tested methods that have yielded great results for the most successful entrepreneurs of this country.
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business startups